Tire replacement - tube also?

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by mvcap

Apologies for the rudimentary question but if I am just replacing a worn road tire (no punctures), is it recommended to also replace the tube?

Getting almost superstitious about the current tube, but realistically know it's just a matter of time!

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by corky

I would replace the tube just for peace of mind.

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by Marin

No, why? I have never worn out a tube, and I have examples that have been patched several times over the years. I use only light/superlight tubes too.

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by kode54

depends on how old. i don't usually...but every other tire change is no problem.

if the tube is old...check for cracks or tears where the presto valve is. that's where most of my failures happen on older tubes.
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by mvcap

Much appreciated!
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by Broady

Somewhat related, a bit of a daft question. I've got about 10 tubes in the basement with single tiny nicks or holes in them.

Is there any point repairing them? Park patches are good to get you home but I find long term they don't hold up. I've not fixed a puncture the old school (vulcanised) way in years, was always fine on BMX / MTB with more surface area but I don't think I've ever actually tried it on a road tube. Always been a bit paranoid of the high pressures I guess.

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by Gazelleer

Vulcanising patches work well with high pressure. You basically don't have to replace a tube unless they fail in an awkward place like the valve fitting. I normally patch my ultralight tubes up to five times...

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by Marin

I patch my 47g Vredestein Latex with old school patches and have never had a patch fail. There are extra small patches for road tubes, get those.

And don't use the sand paper that comes with the patch kit, it will gouge the light tubes too deeply. Usually, cleaning the area is enough, no need to sand it.

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by jimaizumi

As everybody else has said, tubes can be repaired a number of times before they fail. But consider this... tubes are a relatively cheap investment and it probably may be worth changing it (if relatively old) over having to puncture at some awkward moment that may invoke damage to your bike or a long walk home.
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by RussellS

I patch tubes until the hole is too big to patch. Then have to get a new tube. The standard vulcanize patches. I find the instant stick Park patches only last about one week before they unstick themselves. Good to get you home and a few more days. But not permanent patches. The vulcanize are permanent. Don't know why you would replace a tube due to age. I don't think tubes inside a dark dry tire can age. Pretty sure rubber has a very long life before it breaks down naturally. Tubes are $3-10 each. Patches are pennies. I don't believe in wasting money.

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