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by Tubby16

Just wondering what everyone thinks should be the proper torque for seatpost clamps when using a carbon seatpost, I torqued it to 6nm (the clamp notes 6.87) but maybe less?

by Weenie

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by 4ibanez

You can use less torque, particularly if using carbon assembly paste. If it's a normal carbon post I wouldn't worry too much. For ww gear, I usually go under the specified amount.

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by MJB

Correct torque will depend upon the post to tube contact / shape etc.

Great advice above - use some carbon assembly paste. I can typically get away with just under 5Nm on my seatpost clamps (I weigh 80kg and ride over plenty of bumps BTW) .....

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by stormur

torque values are also specific for certain bolt/thread types. also all values are given FOR DRY BOLT. lubricating it , decrease torque by 25-30% ( for M4 & M5 bolts ).
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by Tubby16

Thanks for the advice!
I did use the carbon assembly paste, will use 5nm instead

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by em3

Tubby16 wrote:I torqued it to 6nm (the clamp notes 6.87) but maybe less?

MAX torque stamped on your seat clamp is not RECOMMENDED torque. Lots of exiting discussion on torque values on many forum threads ....use search bar. Start with 4 Nm and check if fit is fixed. If not, go up to 5 Nm and check again... do not exceed 6.87 which is the rated MAX torque value of your bolt. If you reach max torque and post is not fixed, then the parts you are trying to mate are a no go.

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by stockae92

I always go by 5NM, with carbon paste

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by Kayrehn

My ww carbonice Eva clamp has a max torque rating of 4nm only, and says I probably need less.

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by Tubby16

Ended up buying a park torque wrench for 5nm, 4 was moving a bit still.

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by CycloTron

I also never go more than 5nm for clamping carbon parts.
I use carbon paste, and will try to use 4nm, only going up if there is any slipping.

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by 3Pio

Using Carbon Paste (Tax), and torque of 4 nm, i had some Post Slip and got scratched :(.

Now im using about 5 nm, and seem ok (Colnago C60 with Colnago Seatpost)

by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

I stripped the thread of two 5mm alu clamps (probably very soft alu in this specific clamp).
I drilled them and re-threaded both to 6mm.

Honestly, this was better.
I don't use carbon paste, but it's zero issues with sliding seatpost.

Btw, for example, Ax has a maximum torque of 4Nm, some have 5Nm and some have 6Nm.

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