Rotor Crank Compatability to Wilier Cento 1SR BB386 Evo Frame

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by theironboy

Hi, I currently have a Wilier Cento Uno SR which runs a BB386 Evo frame. I tried putting in a BBright rotor crank that came from a Cervelo and the crank spindle is not able to entirely reach the other side of the frame. Due to this I am not able to lock the drive side properly.

Would you have any tips on how to resolve this? Would using a BB30 crank be better?

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by stormur

Bb30 shell width : 68mm
BB386 shell width : 86mm

answer yourself would it fit ;)

Now , what fits :
- any Shimano
- Sram GXP
- Rotor UBB30
- any Campagnolo

what won't fit :

-any Bb30 crank
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by Fixie82

You will need to change out the spider on the cranks. If my memory serves me right, the BBright Rotor have a wider spider, essentially an inbuilt spacer. It will probably be easier to flip the crank for a non BBright version that it would be finding a spare spider.

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by damond

Not the spider itself but rather the spider lockring!

You have to change this:


For this:


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by 1415chris

What crank do you exactly have?
For bb386evo you need 3D+, 3Df, Flow, Power and 3D30, so quite a choice from Rotor.
Sorry for correction of my post as I was referring to the old Rotor's pdf compatibility flie, which didn't include 3D30 as compatible with bb386evo.
All these cranks to be run on bb-right 79mm shell they need 11.5mm spacer on DS. If you take it off they become 386evo compatible.

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