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by eyedrop

Ive been searching the internet for some custom time trial/triathlon type skin suits, but all I seem to come across are websites offering custom graphics. I could care less about the graphics. I just want something that fits properly with no wrinkles.

The reason I want a skinsuit is because I simply like them. They are more aerodynamic, they act as bibs by keeping the chamois close, and many feature back pockets and zipper just like a regular jersey. Whats not to love?

Anyways, buying clothes has been frustratingly difficult for me. Im 5'2", male, 25 years old, 105lbs. Not your average build. Ive tried lots of pre made bibs and jerseys and none of them fit like they should. Ive been to every bike shop in the state, and nobody stocks anything in my size. In the rare event they have size small, it still fits too loose and would cause chafing.

So then, Ive tried ordering bibs and shorts online that would seem to fit according to sizing charts, only to find the chamois is a little too far back or forward, which gives me no cushion for my sit bones. Or, some random part of the bib will bunch up and cause chafing and wrinkles.

Even finding stuff online is difficult. According to sizing charts, Im simply too small for just about everything. Ive tried looking at junior and childrens stuff. The selection is much smaller than adult clothing which sucks. They tend to cheap out on the chamois. The large and extra large children's is generally too small for me, specifically around the leg and chest area, where I am more muscularly developed than the average 14 year old boy...

The best fitting kit I have right now is a cheap Aliexpress XS knock off skin suit. Because of the asian fitting, it fits me decently. But the chamois is absolute rubbish!

Basically, Ive had no luck finding truly comfortable kit and Im willing to pay for some custom fitted clothing. You always see the pros getting custom clothing on TV, where the tailor measures everything and adjusts the clothing to remove every last wrinkle. Where would I begin looking for such a thing? And wouldn't something like this have to be done in person? How the hell am I gonna find a tailor that can work with the special skills and equipment needed for the special technical fabrics and materials?

I really need help with this. Im located in Prescott, AZ. Ive talked to local tailors and they simply dont do this type of thing... Someone please point me in the right direction.

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by antonioiglesius

Since most cycling clothing is too big, there should be an abundance of material that can be trimmed/stitched to fit. That seems like something any tailor can do (you wear the clothing, they mark the excess parts, then cut & stitch).

An alternative would be for you to do the tailoring. I think the most difficult part may be the stitching itself. A new sewing machine seems to be pretty inexpensive these days, and easy to learn too. I don't think there's any special thread you'll need, perhaps something that can stretch a bit.

You can also consider changing the chamois on the skin suit that otherwise fits: remove the stitches, then sew on the one you like.

by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

Ain't cheap though.

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by claus

Did you try a Castelli XS suit? If you haven't done that yet, try ebay (AFAICT Castelli doesn't sell this size via "normal" channels, so you have to get it from some team, e.g., Slipstreamsports).

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by sungod

you can try contacting bioracer, they do full custom... is very pricey though, they also do ready made, you'll need to check size charts or ask them to advise

or ask if they think their xs will fit ok

others to look at would be castelli, their aero stuff tends to be pretty tight vs. the normal (which many still find too small)

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by Miller

Can you get a better pad fitted to the skinsuit you do have?

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by BRM

Make a list of all the better bikeshops in your surrounding.
Call them one by one and ask them if they have an address for bike wear repair/adjustments.

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by ghisallo2003

I would suggest talking to a local tailor or clothing alteration company.

I took a separate winter top and bottoms and was measured up for a winter all-in-one suit: sort of Castelli but from team kit. Good tailors are able to work with lycra/stretchy material, and understand the use of panels. Cost is very low compared to custom kit and fit can be dialled in exactly. I would make sure to remember to get fitted whilst in a bike position as fit can be very custom indeed.

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by jpanspac

You could replace the Aliexpress chamois with one from Aero Tech Designs.
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by Weenie

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