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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

ab01ns wrote:I'm loving my new foil.

Great looking F01L! Really digging the orange and aggressive drop.

Can you post a pic zoomed in the top tube / head tube / stem area. Looks like there's a little nub on the frame to matches up to Scott's uniquely-shaped stem spacers.

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by p3dalfaster

Anyone runniung an Antares 00 with their Foil? I just installed one, first ride, and my bib shorts are worn. I assume it's the carbon rail (seen it discussed here before) rubbing on the shorts.

by Weenie

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by Delorre

ab01ns wrote:I'm loving my new foil. Now to save up for ee brakesImage

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Wow, spectacular!! Could you post a more close up pic of the stem / frame area? Isn't it possible to reinstal the factory cap at the rear of the stem? Or use a regular topcap / dustcap (I know, it's 1 1/4 :? ) I tought I once saw a pic of a foil without the special topcap and with only a round dust cover over the headset.

Edit : this is one of the pics I found of Gerrance '16 Foil. Could be an idea :wink:


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by p3dalfaster

If anyone is interested, I have just taken delivery of a new pair of handlebars (Syncros intergrated). These newer bars, now come with enough room for the Di2 end cap junction box to be installed, they've also gotten rid of that stupid annoying trap door, and so you can now use a much lighter Garmin mount. For those who might be interested, I will post some pics a bit later...

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by antonio07

Sergio76 wrote::idea:
Brand: Scott Type:Foil

Final weight: 7,6kg.
Frame Scott Foil 56 (L)
Fork Scott Foil
Headset Scott Foil
seatpost clamp Scott Foil
Seatpost Scott Foil Carbon
Seat Scott Foil Syncros
Stem Scott Foil Syncros 130 mm
Bar Ritchey Evo Curve Black Wet 44 cm
Bartape Lizard Skin
bottle cages and hardware Elite Cannibal
Brakes Ultegra Direct Mount 6800-R
Front derailleur Shimani Ultegra 6800
Rear derailleur Shimano Durace 9100
Crankset Rotor 3D+ InPower
Bottom Bracket Rotor Ceramic
Chainrings Rotor Q-Ring Red 50x34
Chainring bolts Rotor
Chain Shimano Ultegra
Shifters Shimano Ultegra 6800
Cassette Shimano Ultegra 6800
Wheels: Shimano Durace 9100 C24
Inntertubes Michelin
Tires Veloflex Corsa 25 mm
Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon
garmin/computer mounts Garmin 500

I'm looking into buying a Scott Foil, your is size large how tall are you ?? What about inseam of legs ? How tall is that saddle height ??

thanks regards !!!

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by banik69





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by p3dalfaster

Beautiful Foil! Really nice choice of componts . One question. Is that a 25mm setback seat tube? Great stuff :)

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by carbongeo

TurboKoo wrote:Small update with new handle bar and wheels

What Garmin-Mount are you using here? I`m looking for exactly this solution

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by TurboKoo

I use Fetha mount.
Scott Foil
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by banik69

One question, anyone knows what model of quarq powermeter fits at foil '16 frame ???

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by Pokerface07

I have one one these....

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by bikergrove

Thought I'd share my experience with my Scott Foil 2017 frameset.

Purchased from ebay in October from Wheelies. Somehow I managed to get it brand new ( ex display) for £850 with seapost and everything included. A bargain.

The first problem was the left fork thread . Had to send it back to get it re-threaded which in hindsight I could have done at my LBS.

Next was the issue of the left sided power meter (stages) / rear brake caliper.

After a lot of huffing and puffing I purchased a TRP 851. Don't waste your time with this useless piece of junk. Maybe I've just had bad luck but its spongy as they come and really fiddly to setup / adjust. I won't waste your time explaining my disdain for chainstay mounted brakes as it's been done to death but frame designers - just stop.

Next - the seatpost constantly slips no matter what paste I use.

And finally, the seatstays! I paired it with some really plush 28mm contis. At 60psi its like a magic carpet ride however after only a few rides the tyre has started to take away bits of the seatstay where I can see layers of carbon.

Not sure whether I stick or twist. Scott have said I may be able to get a crash replacement as it wouldn't be covered under warranty but there's zero comment on their website or within the build manual about not using anything above 25mm.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

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by octave

hi everyone,

i have a chance to pick up a 2018 scott foil RC brand new for a good price-- my only worry is that rear brake mounted under the chainstays...

can anyone tell me of their experience with it? i have read reviews online that it is spongy and weak, though i believe that was an ultegra caliper. this would be the new dura ace 9110 direct mountain caliper... would an eeBrake direct mount rear be an improvement?

is the rear brake hard to keep clean?

does the rear brake rub on the rims when puttin down the power?

those are just some basic questions-- anything i didn't think of is also welcome!


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by Visus


Does someone here have exereince regarding the headset configuration of a 2017 Scott Foil?
There a 2 thin metal spacers supplied with the top bearing and compression ring:
Spacers Overview.jpeg
Now I'm not sure whats the purpose of these spacers?
Which is the right assembly order?
I guess they are supposed to space the topcap further away (as in configuration 2) if there is friction but I'm not sure

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by TurboKoo

Configuration 2 is correct. I at least needed those on mine otherwise I got some rubbing.
Scott Foil
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by Weenie

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