Sidi shot fit vs wires?

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by Cheers!

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone can comment on how the new sidi shot fits versus the wires?

I live in a small town now and the local bike store is a sidi dealer. They are not a high end road store so they don't bring in high end stuff like sidi shots.

They said they would order them in whatever size I want. But I have no way to try before.

Can anyone who has the sidi shot provide some comments on how they compare to the wires?

Instep height/volume
Overall shoe volume

Are the carbon soles the same between sidi wires and shots?

I have been a long time sidi user. Eagles, Dragon 1 then 2, ergo 2s. I'm looking to replace my ergo 2s, I tried on a friend's wires in 44 and they seem to fit well. But wasnt sure how that translates to the new sidi shot.


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by 1415chris

The fit is identical, at least in size 47 and home environment. If i were blindfolded I wouldn't be able to say which is which.
There is already recently started thread where you can find more info on Shots.

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by toiyuet

99 % the same weight / volume.

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