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by blueturtle

Hi, Does anyone here have any experience of Legend frames and in particular the ht5.7 model.I believe that they are handmade in Italy by a guy with the name of Marco Bertoletti.Interested in how they perform particularly in relation to my current ride ( Cervelo r3sl 2010 vintage) Cheers.

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by Mockenrue

No direct experience but the team I ride for is sponsored by them so we get the frames made to measure at cost. Yes they are built by Marco Bertoletti and his team in Presezzo. He was at an open day hosted by the team sponsor's shop in Bristol a few weeks ago. Several of my teammates ride 11.5s, 9.5s and 7.5s and they all speak very highly of them; I don't think anyone has a 5.7 but I might be wrong.

I'm contemplating an 11.5 myself but I'm out of work at the moment so I can't really justify it, the (very) attractive price notwithstanding. I already have too many bikes thanks to a serious Colnago addiction. :oops:

I've no experience of Cervelo. Obviously great performers but everyone I've known who's owned one seems to be on their second or third warranty replacement, and this is considered normal(!) I think Legend are on a completely different level quality-wise.

by Weenie

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by TimW

I had a Viner Mitus made by Marco. It was a lovely bike, great ride but that was about 7 years ago. I've seen Legends at a dealer in London. Really nice. He has some vids on YouTube if you search. The carbon bikes are tube to tube wrapped, similar to Sarto. He also makes some lovely Ti bikes.

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by jockeywilson

I've got one. I rate it better than my c59. I'd buy another immediately without hesitation.

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by phillipivan

A friend of mine got an Il Re recently. It is absolutely lovely, and he is very happy with it. Can't tell you about the ride, as it's too small for me, even if I was allowed to ride it; except to say he likes it very much.

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