Software to compare multiple power meter dat?

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by mr4fox

Does anyone know of any easy to use freeware for over laying powermeter files for comparison. Something like what DCRainmaker uses for example.

Next month I will have 4 power meters in my possession . I plan on selling at least one of them, maybe two, but before I do I'm curious to see how close they all measure. I'll have a power2max NG, S-type, original Garmin Vector pedals and a Powertap G3 disc wheel. And and Garmin edge 1000 and edge 500 for recording.

I was thinking of just recording a few normal interval workouts and maybe a zwift race or two. there anything specific I should include in the tests?

Only the NG and vectors mount to the road bike but I can put the vectors on the MTB to compare to the S-type and G3 hub

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by sungod

if you can export the data in flat file form, just use excel or google equivalent to compare

make sure head units are all synced to the same time, otherwise you'll need to offset data

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by kulivontot

Golden cheetah lets you overlay multiple .fit files real easy. The real challenge is getting them to line up properly in case of synchronization issues, but provides a mechanism to edit data points directly to trim the start and end.

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by hambini

If you can get the data into CSV format, you can use excel to do the data analysis. Moving average is usually the regression mode of choice.

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