Power2Max NG. Where is the Shimano four bolt version at?

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by KMCdn

Sorry to dredge this topic up, but does anyone have any update on how the NG with Shimano chainrings is working for them? I'm especially interested for those with Di2. Is the chainring spacing identical to Shimano 6800 spec if I use 6800 rings?

I have a p2m classic with rotor 3d24 on 6870 with rotor buzz chainrings. Sometimes, when I cross 50x28 (not often, it happens) my chain can drop to the little ring without me shifting. It seems to happen under high load or bumps. My limits are set perfectly. I've narrowed it down to the fact that apparently 6800 spacing was a bit wider and the di2 autotrim accounts for this, leaving a large gap between FD cage and the chain. I tried to adjust trim to fix it, but it's too much. So I was going to upgrade to NG if I can confirm it works perfectly with di2, even the trimming.

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