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by baldy

Crikey, you have got to love the ranting ( buts lets not get into the bad grammar and spelling)! I have a FM 069 at 900g which is great. Got it direct from Hongfu- my 2nd frame from them- and it handles well. It is built up to 5.7kg with SR mechs and other bits for about £2k. Handles better than my original S Works Tarmac, and I see little need to pay over the odds for a "name" on my frame.

To put me in context I have raced for 35 years have had dozens of bikes so feel I can express an educated opinion. I also have direct observation of friends named frames with cracks/breaks. As said earlier find a good dealer and pick a budget. I also certainly wouldn't buy a used frame for "best" as there is no QC in that Ready for the comments....

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by ericmerg1

Decided to go with the 066 frameset.

by Weenie

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by CummoY

Great. Enjoy.

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by ardi69gain


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