Caad12 campy eps v2 compatibility

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by lirek15

Wondering if someone knows if the new caad12 frames which are compatible with di2 also work with v2 eps. The frame needs a hole for a charging port somewhere and I can't seem to find info on whether or not it's present.


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by Weenie

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by Miller

You can always make one.

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by kervelo

Not related to eps v2, but if you plan to use a campy UT chainset with the Caad12, you need a special bottom bracket.

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by Butcher

You could always add the charger extension and put the end on the seat post. That's what I did just to prevent one more hole in the frame [and to keep the end out of the elements a bit better].

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by mikey168

The charging port is the least of your concerns.... EPS cable plugs are much bigger than DI2, unless you are willing to drill bigger holes on your frame to accommodate the bigger cables good luck getting it fitted.

Edit: I don't mean to sound narcissistic, but of all the projects I've worked on it is the EPS that have caused me the greatest amount of grief. Don't be misled when the brochure says Di2-ready, it does not mean it is EPS friendly.

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by Miller

I've fitted EPS to a BMC frame with Shimano-sized holes, a small file soon made them Campag-sized. Seriously, it wasn't difficult, you just have to believe your frame won't shatter and explode if you make a hole 1mm bigger.

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by Valbrona

What bunch of dumb asses makes a frame with electronic holes not big enough for Campag connectors? Really.

My Cannondale alloy frame (Synapse) is full of errors, including dropouts more misaligned that on any frame I have ever come across in the past 40 years.

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by evan326

What a bunch of dumb asses makes electronic connectors bigger than the most mainstream group set provider?

by Weenie

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