Time to move on.... De Rosa Idol or Argon 18 Gallium frameset

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by 2imp

Hi folks

I have decided to move on from my current bike and have narrowed my search down to the last 2 frames.

As i am undecided on which of the 2 frames to buy, I would really appreciate some input from you.



Best regards

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by topflightpro

I have a 2014 Gallium Pro (GP), and I like it very much. That said, you are looking at the Gallium. I previously had a 2013 GP, which had the same overall design as the current Gallium (Argon updated the GP for 2014).

I did not like the 2013 design as much as the 2014.

First, I had an issue with the RD cable rubbing the frame as it ran under the BB on the 2013 design. The cable guide did not provide sufficient clearance, which was making the RD shifting poor. It also was cutting a gouge into the frame. Argon replaced the frame for me under warranty.

While this is WW, I won't really discuss the weight too much. The 2014 design is lighter than the 2013, but the Gallium is heavier than the GP.

Argon also did a great job with all cable routing on the 2014 GP frame, particularly how the cable is routed into the front of the frame. It makes for a very clean front end.

But the biggest difference, I found, is that the 2014 frame is just more lively. It's one of those things I cannot really quantify or narrow down, but it just feels like a snappier ride. The geometry is the same, but I actually really enjoy riding the 2014 GP. The 2013 frame was just, OK. It wasn't bad, but it didn't really excite me either.

All that said, I do think the H3 headset design is pretty neat. Also, I'm not sure how closely you've looked at the geometry, but Argon runs a very low BB. The BB drop is 75mm. Many others are closer to 69 or 70. Cannondale recently went to 72 or 73 with the newest Evo. I only mention this because if you are going to be using it for crits, it's something to think about.

All that said, if you can manage to move up to the Gallium Pro, I give it two snaps, a twist and a kiss.

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by rlanger

Can't comment on the disc brake version, but the non-disc version of the Idol is a pretty great bike. It replaced my 2015 Tarmac that I destroyed in a crash, and I definitely prefer the Idol.

Overall, I feel it handles better, and it's certainly a more comfortable ride for me than the Tarmac was.

Having said that, as long as the geometries work for you, you probably can't go wrong with either bike.

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by GMF

I also have the gallium pro (similar to the gallium... which is actually the previous generation pro) and quite enjoy the handling, how well sorted the frame is, and how little drama I've had with it despite some pretty abusive rides. I think topflightpro's assessment is right on regarding Argon18 handling, and I find the gallium pro one surprisingly comfortable bike (have happily ridden 375 miles over 3 days is pretty inclement weather on it) that certainly hasn't slowed me down. But as rlanger said, I'm sure both bikes will make you happy :-)

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