Lightest triple groupset with 74bcd?

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by eyedrop

What is my best/lightest option for a 9/10/11 speed triple groupset that still accepts a 24t or 26t granny gear?

My ideal gearing would be 52/38/26 with a 12-27, 13-27, 13-28 etc...

Right now Im running an old 8 speed RSX triple group. I could easily change the gearing if I wanted to, but it would be really nice to have 10 or 11 speed, that way I can get nice, close ratios on the rear cassette while still having a massive range. The RSX is built like a tank. But its super heavy, and I would have to go with something rediculous like a 14-27 cassette if I wanted close ratios. If I stay 8 speed, Ill likely go with some sort of custom 13-27 cassette. But all of that nonsense would seriously hurt my top end speed. Im also looking to avoid going any higher than a 52t chainring as the jump from the 38t to a 54t would be too big for my taste...

Bike: 1999 Trek 2000T wsd.
Bottom Bracket: Shimano BB-LP27, 118mm spindle
Shell Width: 68mm English

What are my best options? Ill stick with the 8 speed if I have to. But If I can upgrade to a lighter 9/10/11 speed group, it can help with ratios and shave alot of weight off the bike. Right now it sits around 21lbs. If I could get it to around 16-18 pounds I would be happy as the bike fits me very nicely and Im not a huge weight weenie. I plan on upgrading the wheelset (with powertap) to something lighter and a crank based power system. But thats for another thread...

by Weenie

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by Valbrona

But there isn't much of a choice with triples. And I thought they all came with 74BCD inner. Athena is probably lightest.

Not quite sure how you would use a crank-based powermeter with triple.

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by RussellS

I am not sure anyone makes a triple 11 speed crankset for road. Looked on the Shimano and Campagnolo websites and no triples until you got down to the Tiagra and lower level. And they were 10 sped or less. And with Shimano 10 speed road triples, the inner chainring is an odd size so it can only take a 30 tooth ring. 74mm bcd is getting rarer and rarer today. So... I suggest you put together whatever group you want with everything except the crankset. Then find a mountain bike triple crank or some other small company that still makes a triple crank with the 74mm bcd inner ring. I'm sure someone out there does it. Look. For shifting, you may have to go with a 10 speed left lever for triples. I think all the 11 speed groups only have double levers, no triple levers for 11 speed. I think a 10 speed lever will shift a 11 speed front derailleur just fine. Basically, you will have to create your own 10 or 11 speed triple road group with a mismatch of levers and your own other brand crankset. No one sells an off the shelf group like you want.

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by ALAN Carbon+

Ribble still has some campag Athena triple groupsets available but only go down to a 30 tooth granny gear.

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