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by Chirobike

Ha..sounds like RBM. Am I right? I'd call around and maybe to a shop in California for accurate answers to when that bike will be available unless you talked to the Mgr/Owner there. No offense but if it's the shop staff they have not been able to answer a lot of questions I've had over the years and I've spent decent money there, too. If there is a delay it does sound like SRAM but why not just build it up yourself and get hydro etap group online somewhere else? Europe seems to get everything faster than the US anyway. Just get the frame set now and sit on it, slowly build it up w/exactly what you want. Most everything you can source except that damn stem and bars (if you want the Aerofly w/hidden cables) which comes with the frame.

I was in the same predicament but the prices of those bikes are artificially high right now. I was wondering how/why you can get Chinese Venge Vias rim brake knock offs already for $700USD and it's b/c it's not in their lineup as a complete bike so it could be b/c they are closing it out with whatever run they have left. (Meaning the value will tank if you sell it next year and all they are pushing is disc brake). Another option, why not just get the Ultegra bike? It's sitting on the shop floor and just parts swap later? It looks good and you can get some cash back when you get the etap hydro.

I'd say get what you want, you're probably not going to the "Tour" so all this is just for "shitzengiggles" (German street slang for "fun") until we crawl in the grave so get what gets your juices flowing, makes you drop your jaw everyday when you see your bike, and keeps you motivated. Good luck.

by Weenie

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