Choice between Ridley Fenix SL vs Argon-18 Krypton

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Ridley Fenix SL vs Argon-18 Krypton

Ridley Fenix SL
Argon-18 Krypton
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by vinlokezm

Hi all,

I just recently registered as a member here, but have been following this forum for some answers on bikes and the likes.
I'm looking for an all-rounder kind-of frame, more towards climbing where I ride, some bumpy uneven roads.
I'll cut right to the chase. Recently, the Argon-18 Krypton and Ridley Fenix SL caught my eye.

Both were touted as the endurance frame for their respective brands. There wasn't a lot of reviews on the Krypton, but the Fenix on the other hand had a lot to be said about, mostly good.

The LBS in my area are offering both frame sets at about the same price, but I'm torn between which to pick. I'm leaning more towards the Fenix for now as the frame looks sweet with the diamond shaping tubes, integrated fork and also to know that Pro Tour rider Andre Greipel was able to sprint on it without breaking the bike says a lot.

The Krypton on the other hand, other than the 3D Headset, there's nothing much that people are saying about it.

Any comments and pointers would be great =)

p.s. Sorry for this being my first post.
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by Weenie

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by GMF

The Krypton has almost identical geometry to my Gallium Pro. There are at least 3 Gallium pros around where i live and they are all well liked. I've never ridden a Ridley, but several locals have those, too. All i can say is that the Argon geometry is well sorted and is great for casual rides, fast club rides, centuries, and road races. Due to the low BB, i would not recommend it if criteriums are your thing. I am quite pleased with mine and i'm sure both bikes would be fun to ride.

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