Upgrade Or Keep: 2012 Cannondale Evo HiMod

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Hi there,

I have a Cannondale that I love but that is showing its age component wise.

Any feedback on how I decide whether a bike is worth upgrading component wise versus when I should sell it and buy a new bike?


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by Calvaroz

If you get a new bike, what would you choose?

Unless you're thinking of getting an aero bike, I would opt for a component upgrade. i don't think you'll gain that much by replacing your evo.

also, what kind of riding /type of terrain? without some details, you won't get any specific advice.
what are your components right now?

by Weenie

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So, I am considering a Cervelo S5 w/ etap

Here is my current Cannondale setup:

Drivetrain: Sram Red Black with upgraded front derailleur to yaw and upgrade to aerolink brakes. I have the SISL2 crank
Stem: FSA SL-K (not carbon)
Bar: FSA wing pro (not carbon)
Post: FSA SL-K (carbon and cut)
Seat: Fizik Antares
Pedals: Speedplay stainless
Cages: Bontrager RXL
Wheels: Enve Classic 65 with DT-Swiss and PowerTap
Skewers: mismatched random set

I LOVE the Cannondale and upgrading it would be fun but is it worth it to spend that much $$$ on such an old frame?

I ride about 4 days a week indoor and outdoor. I like to climb and ride local mountains here and there along with general mixed terrain. Very little straight flat riding.

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by DJT21

I would spend the money on a crank based power meter, and get rid of the powertap. Otherwise, your bike sounds good as it is.

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by wheelzqc

Very nice build. Like DJT21 said, you could get a different PM. Maybe get low profil wheels as well if you like to climb !

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by Clean39T

You could just do the eTap upgrade and sell your SRAM Red bits. A carbon bar, new tape, new tires and latex tubes, and an OPI Spidering, plus a Stages PM and a DT Swiss rear hub and you'll feel like you're on a new bike...except it'll fit perfectly and not cost as much ;)

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by asc8ic

In my opinion, Your bike looks well built. So, Keeping is more nice choice, Unless you need to change the groupset.
If you felt your bike to cloy, how about change some cheap parts like top-cap or bar-tape or something.
Then, When you feels like throw your bike into a wastebasket. Go get the whole New bike.
I think it is cheapest way.

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by GambadiLegno

IMO, you have one of the best bikes you could have, and visually one of the top frames for me ever. I like to se those Cannondale frames with that geometry, instead the last years tendences of aero frames, which look sometimes more like a Star Wars spacecraft than like a bike.

On the other hand, I would wait before upgrading to SRAM eTap. A Katusha rider told us in "petit comité" that they don't like it at all, they feel it needs many things to be improved. They are having lots of issues, especially with batteries, some of them are carrying a pair of batteries in the pocket cause it's not the first time it suddenly stops in a route.

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by glepore

The 2012/13 SSevo's had some of the best graphics Cannondale has done, and the frameset is not remarkably different than today's, so unless you are bored, it makes no sense to do anything other than tweek what you have.
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by Fishergrad08

SBRYYC wrote:Hi there,

I have a Cannondale that I love but that is showing its age component wise.

Any feedback on how I decide whether a bike is worth upgrading component wise versus when I should sell it and buy a new bike?


Is this the team liquidgas frameset (green/blue/white)? If you decide to sell please let me know. Also, what size is it?

Thank you!

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by dastott

I recently bought a 2012 Hi Mod frame in black from a member on here to replace my damaged 2015 Hi Mod. Switched the 22 sp Red groupset over from the damaged bike. Couldn't be happier. I wouldn't change much on your bike. Hard to improve on that.

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by toutadroit

Another +1 for keeping your steed. Plus, if you are not doing flat/fast/aero riding, why would you get a S5? Those things ride like crap and are heavy.

I would keep your hubs and lace up to some wider carbon rims and throw on 25mm (if you are not already) or even 28mm tires (if they fit).

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by logy

Still riding my 12 HiMod and loving it with DA 9100 and stages on SiSL. Also have a 16 HiMod and it's not much better! Keep yours.

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by kgt

I would keep the Cannondale and the SiSL2, upgrade it with a top groupset from Campy or Shimano (not etap), a pair of superlight wheels and a new bar-stem-seatpost combo. You can buy a new frame in a couple of years and keep the components.

IMHO the S5 is among the ugliest frames while the supersix is one of the most classy. Anyway since you do "very little straight flat riding" an aero frame is irrelevant.

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by tarmackev

I have the 2013 Hi-Mod Evo, very good bike but terrible clearance. Can't fit anything above 24mm without rubbing.

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by Weenie

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