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by wpccrunner

Frame: BH Ultralight
BB: Wheels Manufacturing PF 386Evo Thread Together ... black.html

Install instructions state "Apply a thing layer of 100% Pure PTFE (Teflon) Grease to the BB Cup surface and BB shell"

I have a tube of the Park Tool Polylube 1000 (PPL-1) but currently no PTFE grease. Would you recommend finding some PTFE grease for the install, or is using the Polylube a viable substitution?

This is on the BB Cup and BB Shell contact surfaces, not the threads of the BB cups. ... Lubricants & Compounds

PTFE Grease I would be procuring: ... Id=3506761

by Weenie

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by Valbrona

Having read the Wheels Mfg instructions, they also say 'installation procedure to be performed only by people with short finger-nails and wearing blue t shirts'.

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by kkibbler

I emailed W-M this question some time ago and this was their reply:

You can use Finish Line Extreme Flouro ( ... oro-grease)

Bought some from Amazon and used it, works just fine.

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