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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by dhitch

First post on the forum been lurking for a while

Sorry if this topic has already been brought up.

In 2017 I am doing a long ride and one of the rules of
the ride is that the bike has to have lights on.

So as I have spent a fair amount of time and money on getting my Bike lighter I hardly want to stick heavy lights on it.

They will probably not be used as I will start and finish the days ride in day light hours.

Does anyone have an idea what the lightest road lights are including fixings.

by Weenie

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by Asteroid

My front and rear weigh about 300 grams. Chinese-made bought on Amazon for approx $50 delivered. Claims 1200 lumens for the front (RioRand Cree) and 2 watts for the rear (Cygolite Hotshot USB). Super bright and will keep you safe day or night.

No doubt, you can find a lighter set, but probably not for fifty bucks.

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by mattr

Which long ride?

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by dhitch

Lands end to John O groats 960 something miles

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by mattr

Ah. So multiple day type type thing. Possibly in shit weather.
This may impact your choice of lights.

Cheap nasty and possibly unreliable (but really light) is probably not the best way to go.

I've just bought a leyzne rear light which is both small and light. And rechargeable.

Something like the femto or zecto might tick your boxes if it's only to be seen. Rather than seeing with.

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by wheelsONfire

What is the thing with lights is probably the battery pack.
I have moon x-power 1300 and without question the battery is the most heavy item in this kit.
I also bought a Silva headlight, to use at my helmet. It's very light, but again, the battery carries most weight.

Perhaps you need to figure if you want a long battery life and the power of a strong battery.
Or, if weight alone is what you chase for?!

I think rear lights is more easy, since you need no strong illuminating to the rear.


Helmet (or handlebar): ... speed-2xt/

Rear light: ... -face.html

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by gtinut

Light and Motion can be purchased with PRO pricing but must have USAC license.
L&M made in Cali and customer service is really good.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Unless you're doing it in the middle of december, or as a none stop attempt, you're unlikely to want anything more than a "be seen" light.
As Mattr says the Lezyne Recto etc are pretty good; not too heavy, reliable and can be used to see with if needed.
If you pick the ones that use 2032 batteries, its far easier to throw a couple of these in your kit, than lugging a battery pack around.
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by mattr

wheelsONfire wrote:What is the thing with lights is probably the battery pack.

Anything with a battery back is by definition, overkill.

It'll be an essentially daylight tour, probably around easter IIRC, to catch the good wind direction. Or later in the year to get the daylight.
It'll also probably be hostels or BnB (?) so recharging overnight is easy if the lights do get used.

And personally speaking, i'd avoid knog like the plague, everything i've had from them has failed at an inopportune moment.

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by MoreRideTime

I like and use a Bontrager Flare R on my bikes all the time. This thing is visible for close to 2km from the rear. Bontrager have also some new models out. Perhaps an Ion 100 R for the front one..

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by stockae92

I have kong blinder 1 led for front and back. they are 15g each, multi-mode, rechargeable. you can't really get much smaller and lighter than that.

but i am just going to say they are "better than nothing", they are (barely) good enough for night when some light is better than none. but i can hardly call them useful for daytime running light.

i like them because they are light and small. but i don't do much solo night ride so that's how i justified the minimal light output.

depends on the available real estimate on the bar up front, mounting the front light can be tricky though because the cable may block the front LED light.

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by mogwaiboi

Infini Lava light set is around 30g. Plenty bright enough to be seen and the rubber mounts are more robust than the Knog lights I've had in the past. ... ifini+lava
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by glepore

Blackburn flea. 17g. Not a headlight you'd use to see at night except in emergency, but perfectly usable as a safety light. Only downside is 5 hr runtime. Ultracompact.

Performance axiom ultra spark-35g or so, 8.5 hr runtime on flash. Twice the price of the flea, but if you need the extra runtime, a nice alternative.

I use a cygolite in the rear for its brightness, but hate how it looks, although on a bracket on specialized saddle its ok.
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by stockae92

Another tail light I like is the lezyne strip drive. Not super light, but should be more visible in all condition.

the reason why I like the kong and lezyne is that they are mounted against to the seatpost, instead of on a separate mount and sticks out from the post. just aesthetically more pleasing to the eyes.

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by TonyM

Be careful: some events require lights which are certified (i.e. in Austria), so not just any light.

Otherwise I would recommend you the Knog Mini dot (18g) for the front: ... i-dot.html
and the Knog "Blinder MOB V The Face" for the rear (35 g) ... -face.html

Total: 53 grams only!

I personally use the Knog Mini dot and the Lupine Rotlicht because of its 160 lumens: ... llight.asp

by Weenie

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