New derailleur-hanger not straight

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by Zak


I purchased a new derailleur-hanger for my Cannondale Caad 9. After mounting it for the first time I messured it to be a little more than a 1cm off. Is this normal, so I should just bend it straight, should I complain to shop or is it indicating a problem with my frame?

The reason I bought the new hanger was that I over some time have experienced a little poor shifting and having adjusted the old hanger a few times I thought it was better to get at new one.

The frame has not experienced any violent impact.

thanks for reading :-)

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by 2old4this

There is something called a "derailleur adjustment tool". Get it and adjust thee alignment of your derailleur. Everytng should be OK...

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by mattr

It's very very rare that a new hanger will be straight when installed on a frame. Unless it's a precision made and unpainted dropout. Same for the hanger.

Anything cast, moulded, painted, etc will have a tolerance in it. Usually giving you a slight twist/cant to the hanger.

So use a derallieur hanger adjustment tool.

I tend to check all the hangers on new frames, and when doing major services on all my bikes.

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by goodboyr

You guys are missing a detail particular to cannondale. Their hangers are a "sandwich type" that sandwiches the frame dropout. Cannondale manuals caution against bending the hanger to realign while in the frame for fear of breaking the dropout. I've built a few cannondales and typically they are in pretty good alignment out of the box. If you do need to realign it's better to remove the hanger each time and try to do it carefully with pliers. If it's just a tiny amount out, it is possible to align in situ.

*****Whoops! Misread which model. Caad 9 is a regular hanger. Ignore the above. It's what others have said. My write-up applies to evo frames. Sorry!!!!

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by Zak


Thanks for all the replies. I have the Park derailleur allignment tool. That's is the way I have meassured that at the braking surface of the backwheel there is approximately 1 cm difference between 12 and 6 o'clock.

I though that was a lot and was worried that there might be a problem with the frame or the new hanger. But you all seem to agree that it is normal and I will now bend the hanger, so it will measure straight at the brakesurface 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock.

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by pdlpsher1

1cm at the brake track is actually fairly common. I had thought you meant 1cm at the hanger :shock:

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by sugarkane

It's pretty common to get a new frame from one of the bigger mfg's and have to straighten the hanger out of the box.. :thumbup:

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