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by stripes

I'll be building up a 2013 Cervelo R3 with a BB30 DZero Quarq and have narrowed it down to two ceramic BBs:

Wheels Mfg PF30 threaded: ... black.html

BBInfinite: ... 9864593283

For those who have used either or both, which would you recommend? I'm open to other suggestions as well.

The plan is to get below 6.8 kg but obviously performance and zero creaking is important.

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by nvroadie

Definitely recommend the Wheels Manufacturing BB. I had a Cervelo S5 that I was sure was cracked because it creaked so much, then I threw this bad boy in with Cervelo's recommended green loctite, and it was silent!


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by goodboyr

I've built up many cervelo with standard pf30 cups. With the right activator and loctite 609, I have a perfect record of no creaking or issues. If you follow the instructions on the bbright site, you won't have an issue and its not necessary to go to one of these threaded options. The best press in cups I've used are the Enduro xd-15 PF30 ones.

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by sethjs

I've got the wheels mfg one installed - only about 500 miles on it - no complaints so far!

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by russianbear

BB Infinite is another great choice.

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by Hexsense

bbinfinite is a great choice if you doubt your bb's precision tolerance.
if it's a Chinese open mold frame (either PF30 or BBRight) i would just use BBinfinite to
1. Stiffen the bb area (one piece aluminum from left to right)
2. make alignment absolutely correct (again one piece aluminum)

but on a Cervelo... i think normal two piece press fit should be enough and weight a bit less.

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by sugarkane

kogel make some great bottom brackets.

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by Calvaroz

I 've chosen the bb infinite because the incompatibility between wheels mfg and the quarq riken(gxp)

the installation was pretty straightforward, they supply the bonding product too.

No creaking so far and the bb is working as expected.

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by Stueys

Cbear, I fitted one to my R5 a couple of months back and I've been delighted. There is a noticeable reduction in friction compared to the rotor BB i had in there before and the quality of the product and fit has been top notch. Plus the company is very responsive to orders, questions, etc, etc.

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by 1415chris

After replacing two NDS bearings within quite short time, low mileage (cups pressed not properly or something like that) I changed the whole bottom bracket, from originally installed Rotor to Wheels Mfg threaded one with angular bearings.
Installation is pretty straight forward, DS cup pressed in as you would do with any PF cups, NDS inserted by hand, just catches the thread allowing you to screw it into the DS cup.

The whole thing works very nicely, spun by hand without the chain 8-10 revolutions (with the other 3 PFs I had, this number was halved at most).

Time will tell how good this bracket is.

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by nickf

I have no issues with pf setups. Locktite 609 is the key. I have had extremely good results with Hawk BBs. Long lasting even through Orlando's rain season and constant 100% humidity.

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by 1415chris

In some cases it may help, in some it's not necessary and sometimes it doesn't solve the problem.
I have been riding with loctited bb and long time without using it. In both cases no issues.
The last case when the loctite was applied (Cervelo's assembly) either cups were not assembled properly or bb shell is not aligned, causing premature bearings' wear.

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