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by steventran

How about a Silca Impero Ultimate frame pump? I think they say 112 pumps for 100psi?

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by alcatraz

I keep this one with me when I ride. It's only around 45 grams and does not require a presta valve adapter. It takes a while to reach a high pressure but you just gotta get comfortable and have a go (wheel flat on ground, small item between ground and valve tip to support opposite side of the pump). I'm not sure I get all the way to 100psi but it's close enough to get rolling without having to think about the pressure. Thumbs up. And it's only around 5 usd.


by Weenie

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by BRM

:roll: Eh, read proper what the TS is asking for,

dgasmd wrote:Trying to keep it light and compact that can easily get to 120 psi. Don't want it to take up much room in the luggage or be heavy, otherwise I would be taking a floor pump. And this is not something to take on the road with me. It is exclusively to use at the hotel pre-ride. I have a tiny and lightweight pump for the road that will take 8 million pumps to get it there, but will eventually do the job!!

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by alcatraz

Ok BRM, missed that post.

How about one of those footstep pumps. They are easier to transport (more square shaped) and can save you some effort pumping. In an emergency you can even do a car tire.

I bought a cheap stepping pump and one year later I can say it's been remarkably reliable. Goes to about 120psi. The part that can need replacement is that connection that goes over the valve. Avoid the kind that needs a presta valve to shrader converter. There are quick release heads with two separate openings. I've found that they seal quite nicely.


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by ArtV

Thanks. Until I read this thread, I didn't know I needed a travel pump. Of course once I read the thread, I could no longer live without one.

Reviewing the recommendations, I noticed that the Bontrager Pump was on sale for $29.99 so I bought one. It really is a slick little pump and does the job nicely. Not a replacement for a full size pump but it is much more portable and ultimately think it was a great purchase.


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by coart

I also recommend Lezyne micro floor drive.

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by otoman

I have used a Blackburn floor pump for travel -- it is lighter weight than a lot of the beastly ones out there -- and much less bulky. It fits in a Dakine airline travel bag easily with room to spare under the usually 50lb weight limit with my road bike and necessary tools in there. A standard floor pump will just work better than a lot of these little wonky "travel pumps".
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by topflightpro

I have the Lezyne Micro Floor drive. It works OK, but I cannot recommend it for two reasons:

1. The pump hose is frustratingly short. It is designed that way so that it screws in to the handle to keep it neat and tidy.
2. It's broken twice. I am not exactly sure what goes wrong, but it stops pumping. I take it to my LBS, and they fix it. So, it still works, but this is a hassle I don't want to have to deal with.

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by Butcher

All these ideas and no one mentioned the ipump?


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