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by dgasmd

I'll be taking a trip overseas to ride in a few months and would like to take a pump with me. DO NOT want to take a floor pump from home due to size, so can anyone recommend me a high pressure/volume pump easy to use, lightweight, and small.

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by rideintospace

Topeak turbo morph with gauge
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by Mr.Gib

There's a great little fold up pump from Bontrager - called Travel Charger Floor Pump, so you'll have to get it at a local Trek dealer. Very clever design, light, compact, and very easy to get to 100 PSI. Actually has a fold out foot rest so you use just like a floor pump. I have used it on a few trips. Like all these things you have to handle with care, but at least this one fills the tires without having to work up a sweat.
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by nickf

I travel with my bontrager travel charger pump monthly. Works great. The gauge is on the small side but does the job. Gets up to 100psi no sweat.

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by 11.4

There are a number of short traveling pumps that work well. When I'm traveling to a track and have to pump up to 160-200 psi, I can assure you that I want a pump that works well. The Lezyne travel pump is good. Up to 110 psi, the ToPeak and similar pocket pumps with a foot brace work ok, though slowly. Have you considered getting one of the Craftsman hand-held compressors that the cross guys like to use? Those will pump you up to 120 psi with no problem and are compact. Change the head to a Silca or something else decent, and you're ready to go.

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by dgasmd

Trying to keep it light and compact that can easily get to 120 psi. Don't want it to take up much room in the luggage or be heavy, otherwise I would be taking a floor pump. And this is not something to take on the road with me. It is exclusively to use at the hotel pre-ride. I have a tiny and lightweight pump for the road that will take 8 million pumps to get it there, but will eventually do the job!!

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by BRM

Cannondale Airport Carry On — £35.15 ... floor-pump

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive with Gauge - £41.99 ... rive-gauge

Bontrager Travel Charger - £44.99 ... ump-48862/

BTwin Mini air compressor - £49.99 ... compressor
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by russianbear

The Lezyne micro floor drive is awesome. It's pretty light to boot.

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by eaglejackson

I take the Lezyne Travel Floor Drive. Works great.

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by superdx

I had the Lezyne Floor Drive, tested it at home, and it ripped the Presta core off. Ended up selling it as didn't want to fiddle with a busted Presta core in a hotel with no backup.

Kept an old Topeak Road Morph, but pumping it is kind of painful, your hand will strike the top of the pump where the handle screws in. The plastic is quite sharp.

Seems the Bontrager has some good comments, will give that one a try for my next trip.

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by Marin

dgasmd wrote:120 psi

I hope you are running 20mm tires or are 100kg :)

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by AndreLM

I have this one from Specialized... Not the best for everyday use, but good enough for travel. It feels quite sturdy TBH ... ump/117272

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by bear0417

Birzman Velocity with Gauge.

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+1 on Lezyne travel floor pump, especially when you can get spare parts for it if need be.
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by ToffieBoi

I'm quite happy with the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive with gauge.

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