Power Transfer Shoe Comparison?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by kgt

What cyclespeed writes sounds reasonable but I have to agree to youngs_modulus: "lots of people are wasting their money on marketing claims". That.
I also agree that the way the bike feels to the rider is really important. That's how Pros choose (whenever they can) shoes, frames, helmets, components... By how they feel. That's all. Nothing to do with weights, data, aerodynamics, stiffness etc.

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by gewichtweenie

Marin wrote:
gewichtweenie wrote:300w, 75rpm, 175mm cranks, thats about 50 lbs applied to the pedals

An important point!

I can generate about 1100W for 10s max, and during this I am pushing my soles with a lower force than when climbing stairs!

further, its the bones and muscles in ones feet that transmit motion from the leg to the ball. its not as if people put much pressure on the heel and relying on the shoe to act as a lever.

guess what im saying is if one were to cut the sole of ones biking shoe in half, and measured sprints or short sustained efforts, theres probably not much in it at all.

by Weenie

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by glepore

Without a doubt, the science is that flex in a bicycle or its components wastes little power. And there's also little doubt that some folks prefer a "stiff" frame, others a "softer" frame, and some just can feel the difference and appreciate the attributes of either. Something "stiff" may feel more precise, or just better. Something "soft" may be more comfortable over the long haul, and either may be equally fast double blind. And you can't factor out the psychology of going fast because you "feel" fast either.

With shoes, there may be other issues in play other than just power transfer. Bont claims that its design cradles the outer foot and creates stability, relieving leg muscles of that duty, and thus reducing fatigue. BS? I don't know, will leave that to the fit gurus. I do know that as a long time Bont user who has just recently gone over to Empires part time, I can say that the Bont's feel more secure but at the cost of not being as comfy on jaunts of over 2 hrs. I agree with those above that like Bonts for shortish intense efforts and more "relaxed" shoes for longer. This may be purely subjective, and certainly has nothing to do with "power transfer".
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by rossjm11

Thanks for all the replies. It was super interesting reading through some of the posts that were put up. Fit is for sure the most important aspect, and I never was questioning that. It seems like a lot of people like the Bonts, so that might be my next shoe.

As to the gains being insignificant... Truly all of it is insignificant. Dropping 30 grams is not something I am really going to notice, but it is something I will do if possible. Having a few more watts not get dissipated in a max power effort may not be perceivable, but it is all about gaining that slight advantage over the old me. Interesting stuff everyone!


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by kgt

Just keep also in mind that there are many, many things that are related to your performance that cannot be measured. That may be called balance, or handling, or comfort, or responsiveness, or ride quality, or ideal fit, or... Try to focus on them as well. It's not that easy since it requires many years of riding experience.

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by TheKaiser

rossjm11 wrote:Fit is for sure the most important aspect, and I never was questioning that.

Given all of the talk about how fit is the most important factor (which I tend to agree with), I wanted to see if any of the folks in this thread know what is up with Froom's shoes that appear to be several sizes too big. Someone posted the pic over in the "Pro's shoes, who is wearing what" thread, but no one there seemed to know anything about is up with Froomey's feet. Camera angles can be deciving sometimes and I know those shoes have the Heel Security System, which sticks back further, but even when you eyeball his achilles vs the actual heel cup it seems there is a gap. Any ideas?

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