2017 Cervelo S5

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by ryanw

I'm running the 2016 aero seatpost with Cervelo carbon seat rail mount (£34 from Sigma Sport).

No flex in mine at all and I'm 92kg.

Must admit that the clamping system isn't the best though.
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by Weenie

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by Shrike

£34! For the carbon rail mount!

Jesus Christ.

Thought Canyon were bad for charging £20 delivered for theirs :D

Gonna see if the new post can take carbon rails out of the box. My saddle is pushed really far forward, so maybe the 0 setback post would be better and the new posts do both versions.

If it's all too pricey I'll just go for the £34 carbon rail thing.

Must be made from unicorn fossil :x

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by Jhong

Decal Color & Body color combination is not good.
I think 2016 models much more balanced.

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by jackx84

this year's S5 design is not so great, or bad I think.
I feel that Cervelo has lost it's design identity.

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by dadoflam08

that photo would suggest the owner should have looked at a different bike with a taller and shorter fit.
I didn't notice the stem - too busy getting distracted by the bottle cage
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by Shrike

Got the 0% setback post in the end. Tiny bit heavier (given equal cut lengths) but helped with my fit and stopped my saddle being all slammed forward and goofy.

First time I've resorted to 0% setback on a bike :shock:

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