Zipp 404 Disc Compatible W/ Venge Vias Disc?

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by Samklee15

Hey all,

Sorry for the lame question but I'm looking into ordering a Vias disc and would like to be able to use the new 404 disc wheelset with it, I'm just not sure if its compatible. I have zero knowledge of disc brakes so I figured I would reach out to you guys before I ended up with a wheelset that didn't work out. Anyways, does anyone know if they will work together? I vaguely remember reading something about the spacing Specialized uses for their disc brake models that makes using any other brand of wheels besides their own near impossible. Also would the Sram Centerline rotors bolt right onto the Zipp wheel without needing an adapter of some kind?


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by Fixie82

The stated specs for the Venge Vias disc is 12mm axles front and rear. As long as the 404 disc wheelset supports this standard you should be fine. There is no mention of the SCS hub standard so maybe double check with your dealer. I don't see it as necessary with a 12x142mm axle but you never know with Specialized.

If the rotors are 6 bolt and the hubs are 6 bolt you won't have any issues with using SRAM Centerline rotors. Just make sure you get the correct size. The only compatibility issues are usually with floating rotors where the 'arms' can foul on the calliper due to the thicker arms to support the floating portion of the rotor.

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Even if it is SCS there should be an alternative derailleur hanger to support standard offset wheels the same as the Tarmac disc has.
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by jlaitinen

Looking at specs of both (venge and zipp's) they should be compatible as both use the 12x100mm front and 12x142mm rear through axle's.

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by Samklee15

Awesome, Thanks for the info guys!

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