Help needed - dark green CAAD with yellow decals?

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by caadmium

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me find me locate a post with a dark green Cannondale with yellow decals I've seen here in the past. I've searched the CAAD build thread and "Show us your 'dales" but I can't locate these pics. I have a CAAD9 build project going on at the moment. I've just stripped the paint and had planned on leaving it raw but all the weld areas and approx. 50% of the tubes are covered in a white filler-like material which is impervious to paint stripper. I don't want to sand this off because it is obviously there to improve the smoothness of the finish and create the fabled Cannondale "smooth-welds" so I'm thinking this will be a custom paint job instead of a raw finish.

So, can anyone held me find this dark/forest green painted Cannondale (CAAD I think) with yellow Cannondale logos/decals?

thanks in advance

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by Tenlegs

Could it have been a Slate ?



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by Guerdi

nathanong87 posted a picture of a very good looking dark green custom painted caad10 a while back. I can't find the picture anymore, but you can ask him maybe.

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by bikerjulio

You can knock yourself out here

I'm not seeing that Cannondale used a dark green on a stock bike, but you might find one. They would also do limited runs on special order for shops or teams.

I have a dark blue CAAD5 with yellow decals, that shows in the 2001 catalog, that's going to be close.
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by caadmium

thanks guys. @Tenlegs, it was similar to the Slate but in a darker green.

that custom painted caad10 from nathanong87 sounds like it could be the one. I'll see if I can contact him.

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by caadmium

I pm'd nathanong87 and he never had a greed CAAD10 :(

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