Campagnolo V3 Issue/Question

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by lirek15

So after just 500 km I encountered my first issue with my EPS system (running V3).
When going out for a ride, 10 mins in everything was working fine. Then, my rear derailleur went and shifted on it's own all the way to the largest cog at the back and stopped.
Purple light went on and started flashing. I was still able to downshift to smaller cogs at the rear, front shifting was fine but the rear would not shift up to larger cogs. Went home, put the bike in the stand, shut the system down using the magnet and after turning everything on again it was working fine. So I took the bike out again and same issue. 10 mins in, the rear derailleur again upshifted to the largest cog at the rear, purple light goes on, still able to downshift to smaller cogs but could not upshift to larger ones. This time when I took the bike home I didn't even put the magnet on, I just waited a few mins and tried shifting in the stand. Everything worked fine again inside with the indicator light showing green again (not purple).
I checked the connection on my right shifter and it looks fine plus the cable isn't pinched anywhere as well.
One thing to note; Battery indicator showed yellow for the first time (~39% charge) and outside temperature was a chilly -1 C and moist.
Could this have something to do with it?
I understand that a purple light means a right shifter connector issue, but if this was the case why would the thumb shifter work fine but the paddle shifter be affected? And why would everything go back to normal when the bike was taken inside to warmer temps?

Thanks for the help.

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by Butcher

Wondering why electronics do what they do is almost impossible without testing and since there are really no test ports to make tests, your guess is as good as anyone else.

Is it possible that the thumb would work, but the paddle not, yes, I would think so. I have never done this on a ride, but what if you held the thumb lever down for several minutes. I suspect the shifter would go down until it can't no more and if the lever is still held down, I would think it would turn on the purple light. So check to see if the thumb lever is working as well as the switch. Maybe it's hung up when it gets cold and works normally warm.

All I know is that I freeze up a bit when it's below freezing and moist, I would think a shift could do the same thing.

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by ferrarista

did you check the technical support service EPS V3 pdf ? ... _09_15.pdf

They say to check the hoods if they don't contact the levers and moisture inside the connectors. If its not that you might have to replace the interface, but you have to contact the service center to do that under warranty.

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