Campagnolo 11 speed crank w/ 9 speed chain Compatability

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by rgamble

After searching this only references to Shimano were found. Those indicated it would work.

So, specifically does anyone have insight as to whether an 11 speed Campagnolo Record crank will work with a 9 speed chain?

This is all toward the end of completing a piece meal 11 speed upgrade from 9 speed.


by Weenie

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by Miller

A 9sp chain will certainly sit on the chainrings. One might wonder whether the front shifting will be affected by the slightly narrower spacing between the two chainrings with 9sp.

Perhaps you can run a 10sp chain on 9sp.

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by rgamble

Good point regarding the (perhaps) narrower chainwheel spacing. That's my specific concern, not having an 11 speed crank to measure with a caliper to get a comparison.

I seem to recall from somewhere the pin length is the same with the side plates somehow making the difference.

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by Calnago

With current 11sp, and an 11sp narrow chain, the chain just barely, and I mean barely, clears the pickup pins on the large chain ring when you're crossed (meaning small chain ring, small cog). I would think that a thicker chain would at a minimum make using at least the smallest two cogs while in the small chainring unworkable. You shouldn't really be crosschaining like that anyway. And I'd be a little leery of the front either throwing the chain or having it ride on top of the teeth of the smaller chainring for a while before settling in. Like @Miller was implying above, if the 10sp chain is narrower than a 9sp chain, then I'd be more inclined to try that. It would be a 'tweener kind of compromise. Better at the front I would expect, but not so narrow (11sp chain) that it may compromise shifting in the rear even further. It would be a compromise at best whichever way you go, but you'd just have to try it and see if it is acceptable to you... at least till you can get a completely compatible groupset.
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by rgamble

Thank you. That's exactly the info I was in search of.

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by bm0p700f

use a 10 speed chain on an 11 speed chainset with 9 speed cogs and you will be fine. Done this before and it works.

by Weenie

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by icenutter

More detail here about 'width' of chains.


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