Canyon Stem Length Ridiculousness...

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by TheDarkInstall

wingguy wrote:So if you're not talking about pro positions why are you so obsessed with pro positions?

And why should we apply the trend within the pro peloton to the general public? The general pubic aren't pros.

You add a lot of false accusations to your responses, such as 'why are you so obsessed', in a bid to paint the person you are replying to in a negative light. Continuation of your ad hominem methods. This is not good. I realize you may not know any other way, but understand that it has been recognized.

There is the bizarre notion of 'us and them' in your responses too, where you separate all riders into two groups; pro and non-pro, with the idea that each have their own exclusive bike set up, and further that a non-pro who rides what you deem to be a pro set up has ideas outside his or her station and is only doing so for bragging rights. This is both very odd and revealing; reserve snobbery, twisted together with simplistic black and white categorization of a phenomenon which you have invented in your own head and have decided is a valid source of criticism. Have you been tested for autism before?

I do understand that humorless shouting as a debating tool is common among Brits, but you are taking this to another level.

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by TheDarkInstall

Raccooningtanuki wrote:
TheDarkInstall wrote:
Raccooningtanuki wrote:It's not a thing over here in Japan.

What do you mean? The whole country doesn't acknowledge stem length?

Tell me more about the riding scene in Japan.

SRAM has little presence. There was a campy and of course shimano booth at the last race though. In terms of road cyclists there's lots. The prefecture I'm in is pretty popular for it. Slammed stems much less long stems are rare though. Even the school's team's captain and the guy who built a frame from scratch run around 100.

SRAM has little presence in Japan. Right.

What prefecture are you in?

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by mdeth1313

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