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by Andrewjn

I know this has little to do with WW'ism but does anyone here have a link etc to any site that will step by step tell me what I need to get my old Garmin 500 to upload recent activities. Garmin themselves are as helpful at a hatfull of $^&^Y*%%@@ . I had not used it for a few weeks and it seems Garmin have changed all of the communication plugs, versions etc and I cannot get it to upload recent activities. Device sync's but thats it

Thanks as this is driving me madder than I need to be :evil:

by Weenie

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by Jml

I recently uploaded all of my recent activities from the past 3 months from garmin connect which in turn uploaded them all to strava. I've never used it before so I had to download the connect program and it did it automatically once I plugged my garmin in.

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by icenutter

The current upload software is called Garmin Express.

I've had issues before when an initial sync hasn't worked, but from that point onwards I've had trouble persuading old activities to upload. What actually happens is that the activities are synced to you computer, then to garmin connect. It can get 'stuck' if the activities have been uploaded to your computer, but not to connect.

In the past I fixed this by setting my device to upload all activities. This takes ages, but the garmin connect website seems to cope OK with duplicate activites, and automatically delete them.

The quick way out is probably to delete all activities from your device, then start afresh.

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by mpulsiv

Why are you messing with sync fiasco? Plug in USB cable, navigate to "Activities" folder drag & drop a FIT file to Strava, Garmin Connect or whatever else you are using.

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by Calnago

It's been a while since I got rid of my Garmin 500. But now with the 1000 I really like the wifi upload. The file is uploaded to Garmin Connect automatically before I even get inside the house. I have Garmin Connect synced with Training Peaks so as soon as it's uploaded to Connect (which I rarely use), it's also in Training Peaks. Very slick. Never have an issue. While drag and drop method works, it seems kind of archaic these days. I don't use Strava but you can have Connect sync to Strava the same way as it does Training Peaks I believe. So, before you even got your bike out away the files are uploaded.
Having said all that and rereading the OP's post, I think in your case the best and most expedient way to do what you want to do is what @mpulsiv says... just copy and paste the fit files from your garmin to where you want them on your computer.
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by Weenie

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by 3Pio

1. Install Garmin express

2. Install Garmin Connect (Create Account as well)

3. Install Strava (or what u are using)

4. Plug in ur EDGE 500 and wait until is detected by the Garmin Express

5. When is detected sync would start and thats it.

another option is to manually add the activites (but if u are using more apps, if they can not sync between u'll have to upload manually everywhere).

Anyway, the sync process on EDGE 500 was really sometimes very slow and problematic. Now im using EDGE 520 and evetything i do, im doing using my phone and blue tooth.

if u need help with ur EDGE 500, if u like i can help u trough TeamViewer (Remote Access software)

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