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by gceniza

Hello. I am new to the forum, but not new to cycling (started riding in the era of La Vie Claire for those that remember). I am now 48 years old and no longer racing, but now really enjoying the Gran Fondos ... Levi's, Hincapie, and hopefully Dolomites next year. I have been riding a Pina FP Quattro size 51.5 for the past 5 years.

Some questions:

First question - what bike? I have looked at the F8 and S-Works Tarmac ... both incredibly light, stiff, and fast compared to my current Pina. And the stack and reach on those bikes is very similar to my Pina. As I am facing the realities of aging, I think I may need to start looking at something with a relatively higher stack which has led me to the Colnagos. I am looking at the C60 and V1-R. IMO, they both have their aesthetic merits albeit different styling. I absolutely love the V1-R Silver edition and the C60 in the PLBK black edition. Do you have any recommendations on the ride differences between these two?

Second question - frame sizing? My current Pina FP Quattro is a size 51.5 (ETT of 535mm/stack 531mm), 100mm stem with one 10mm spacer, center of BB to top of saddle is 28.235in/717mm, and my inseam is 32in. I have attached photos so that you can see the setup and fore/aft saddle position. If I go with one of the Colnagos, what size do you recommend? I was thinking a size 50 sloping geometry ... in the C60, the effective TT and reach is a few mm longer, but the stack is 16mm higher than my Pina. Is a 50s the right size? If I go down to a 48s, the stack lowers with it and I am unsure whether my femurs will fit correctly ... My 32in inseam is longish for a person 5'8" tall.

Third question - Are there other bikes I should really be considering? My LBS has recommended Parlee. I know many will suggest for me to just go out a ride them all. The problem is finding local shops that actually stock top end bikes in my size that you can demo. I will say that as I have gotten older and am now doing these longer, more epic events ... I am starting to put a high premium on comfort. IMO, bikes feel considerably different after 4-5hrs. I have heard the C60 is relatively forgiving compared to the others.

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by TonyM

You can't go wrong with a C60!

by Weenie

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by corky


You have the same dilemma as myself, 48s or 50s, I currently ride a 54cm traditional Extreme Power and have the same physical attributes as you 5' 8" and 32" inseam. I think I would/will go for the 48s as my fitter always recommends to go smaller framewise whenever there is an overlap, partly fashion but also makes for a lighter bike that will potentially handle slightly better, although only can decide if you can live with a spacer stack (beware the spacer police...).

Nice problem to have...

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by Look565w

Hi gceniza,

Welcome to WW!

Not sure if it helps, but I'm about the same age as you, been riding for more than 13 years, 170cm (5'7") tall & my BB to saddle height is around 705mm.
I have a C60 in traditional 53cm, if I was to go sloping, I would have went for the 50s.

Good luck with your search & please post it up when you've built it. You'll not regret the C60, it's the best I've ridden for my needs!


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by MJB

I can't comment on V1-R vs C60 ride qualities. If I had your choice, I'd be sticking with the C60 lugged carbon frame (I have ridden both Colnago C50 and EP) for outright ride comfort and exclusivity of owning / riding a genuine 'Made in Italy' frameset if that is your thing (def. is my thing!)

I have a freind who is exactly half an inch taller than you but with same inseam measure who rides a Colnago in a 50s - he happened to be a professional bike fitter in another life.......... A Colnago 50s is equivalent to a traditional size 54.

There are plenty of excellent and desireable frame manufacturrs out there. I'd not be discounting anything if you are truly open minded, however given the chance to have a C60 for long hours in the saddle I'd be looking no further.

by Weenie

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by BRM

gceniza wrote:I am starting to put a high premium on comfort.

Then you should look to an other kind of bike.
Focus on endurance models. Shorter toptube/ higher headtube. More upright possibility. More relaxed handling.
Possibility of wider tires. Other comfort increasing implementations.

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