Hylix Carbon Seatpost - 27.2mm weights + photos

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by raffit78

If you purchased the post that uses oval rails, should be no problem. If you purchased round adapter then you might want to get a hold of the seller. They are now selling the oval adaptors separately.

(Had that problem)

Bought the post came as a round adapter and had to order the oval adaptor to work with my saddle.

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by NoBlink

Well it was fun while it lasted, but I switched back to my alloy seatpost. I rode the Hylix seatpost for about 2 months (round clamps). After a month I realized the saddle kept slipping so I constantly needed to adjust it so the saddle would not lean back too much. Then on a short after work ride I rode off a sidewalk and heard a crack. After that I could not tighten the adjuster anymore which meant it was nearly impossible to keep the saddle level. I had to ride back semi standing

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

toshi wrote:
NoBlink wrote:Just received mine today. 31,6 and setbackImage

Are the clamps on this particular Hylix post safe for use with typical 7x9 carbon rails?

The trek/bontrager ears are the easiest option to get hold of- use them.
I think there's 2 different versions for oval rails though.
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by F45

raspaa wrote:^ was it torqued to spec? Warranty replacement/feedback?

Yes, torqued actually not near the maximum. Got a refund. This was the setback version with the aluminum chunk on the top portion glued on.

Got an FSA K force and it works fine.

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by ironman1

Looking to get a carbon cradle like Klastor1 cradle with extentions for more rail support. I have seen them for 31.6 and 30.9 but not 27.2. has anyone seen just the cradle for sale ?

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by scant

is anyone still using these seatposts with any success?


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by dastott

Been using a 27.2mm with zero setback since last May. Bought used, and I've done around 7500kms on it since. No problems so far.

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by jbaillie

Bought the 27.2 setback version over the weekend, now I'm seeing more and more iffy experiences with them.

Still planning on giving it a shot, I'll post images/ride report soon.

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by dastott

I am wondering if rider weight is to blame for some of the failures? I am 70kgs, and have used it a lot with zero issues.

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by SilentDrone

I put a hylix 31.8 with offset on my mountain bike and it would not keep the seat in a fixed position. Was slipping every ride. I even tried carbon paste in the round part where the seat clamp interfaces with the round hole but it didn’t solve the problem. I’m 185 lbs.

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by jbaillie

Post arrived yesterday. Ship time was about what they said to expect, ~ a month.

Am I crazy, or is this a pretty damn flimsy way to pack a seatpost if you're going to tell me I must strictly adhere to torque numbers when installing it?




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by themidge

^ Mine arrived like that too, there doesn't seem to be any obvious damage.
To add another data point, my 31.6mm zero set-back post at 400mm length was 209g with all hardware.
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by 1415chris

It's kind of QC check. No damage, passed!
These posts are over built anyway. I used to have one years ago and hated it's clamping system.

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by jbaillie

The new finish is clearly trying to emulate Enve (not that it's a bad thing). Cut about 9cm off mine today and mounted my old Selle Italia SL on it.

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by alcatraz

These are being sold in China right now for 25usd. Are they the same? If that case you'll find it sold under many names.

Maybe you can find these on aliexpress for a few bucks extra.

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