wider rims --> more sidewall flats?

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by Fiery

I was responding to boots2000's post about getting flats on gravel due to tires being less deep - I understood that it was snakebites he was talking about, but I could be wrong. I definitely didn't mean to imply that wider rims making tires taller also means they make them less prone to sidewall damage.

I can see how the opposite could be the case, since a wide rim can make a tire wider than its tread was designed for (remember handmade Paris-Roubaix tubulars with narrow tread from standard tires glued onto the wide carcass). The effect is not as drastic with wide clincher rims, so I guess in the end it comes down to how a particular tire was designed, how wide the rim is and the actual riding conditions that the tire will see. In most cases I don't think there would be an actual, noticeable difference.

by Weenie

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