Best Way to Remove Oxidation from Spoke Nipples

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by ipenguinking

What's the best way to remove oxidation from black spoke nipples? The oxidation is greenish so I suppose those are brass nipples.

by Weenie

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by F45

You could try electrolytic.

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by TheKaiser

Not a lot of action in this thread, but my take on it is that if your primary goal is to remove the appearance, you may be better off coloring over the green oxidation with a black sharpie or ink pen, experimenting to see what gives you better results. If you dissolve the oxidation with some kind of corrosion remover then that will presumably leave you with goldish hued brass exposed.

I doubt that leaving the oxidation in place will cause any problems, unless it is getting so bad that the nips are binding on the spokes, in which case you are better off using a penetrating oil on the threads, breaking them free, and replacing them all, rather than trying to selectively remove the oxidation.

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