New Road Tyres For Puncture Prone Country Roads

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by Point

After some new road tyres. Been using Conti Gatorskins for years but my last pair have been far more susceptible to punctures than previous ones.

So I'm just wondering if there's anything else worth going for?

LBS recommended Vittoria's Rubino Pro Endurance but the Wiggle reviews aren't overly promising.

This is for UK autumn/winter/spring use so WW isn't fundamental but always handy, puncture proofing is more important as the road this year are currently really flinty/shaley which is wreaking havoc.

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by cobrakai

I doubt you're going to find a road tire much more puncture resistant than the gatorskins. I like the pro4 endurance as a winter tire as I feel it is a good compromise between puncture resistance and rolling resistance but it will fare worse with punctures than the gatorskins. Maybe look at some skinny cyclocross tires?

by Weenie

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by McGilli

I just recommended these in another thread here - Bontrager AW3 Hard case and hard case lite tires. Look them up online at least and check out reviews.

Here's what I posted yesterday: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=141786&start=15#p1267667
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by mpulsiv

If you are looking for a complete list, check out on the bottom on the list (least rolling resistance) you can find winter tires. If you want something better than Gatorskin, check out Armadillo tires ... ite/106974

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by boysa

I second the recommendation for Michelin Pro IV Endurance, and actually, in my experience have found them to be a huge improvement over Gatorskins. They are nearly as tough, but with a vastly superior ride. Overall, a much better tire.

Just as a side note, have you considered tubeless?
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by racingcondor

I used to ride GP4000S over the winter in the UK (Kent and Surrey so I appreciate your problems with flint) and never had any problems.

A lot of flats are caused by road position as much as the tyre, too close to the gutter and you'll be riding through all sorts of rubbish so worth thinking about that as well as looking at tyres. You can't win them all though (the UK's excellent drivers will force you into the gutter pretty soon after all). Good luck.

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by icenutter

Have you considered tubeless? I've got them (Schwalbe one) on my winter bike and have never got a puncture in 1000k+ of riding. They are the future!

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by F45

Schwalbe Marathon Plus in 25mm or 30mm.

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by Bondurant

I'm trying Pro 4 endurance at the back, service course at the front this winter. Almost all my punctures are in the rear tyre whilst a grippier tyre is better to have at the front. I'm in the UK too (Surrey).

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by bm0p700f

schwable durano double defence is fairly decent. The marathon plus almost invunerable but heavy and slow. The gator skin does puncture all to easily for me.

The only tyres I have found that ride like race tyres and last (and dont puncture) are IRC tubeless. Maybe there tubed clinchers also resist the cuts. I however like punctures that dont become punctures because they heal thy self.

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by jih

Why not go tubeless? Hardly any extra rolling resistance and quite a lot moreover puncture resistant

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by mrgray

i'm staggered that gatorskins aren't doing the job! have you got sealant in? i thought the stuff that stays liquid (stans) can be quite useful at catching punctures and dynamically sealing.
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by Weenie

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by tomycs

I like the "old" Vittoria Rubino3 Protech for winter. 17.99£ in 25mm at Decathlon, used to be even cheaper this spring, to make room for the new Rubinos at Wiggle/Ribble/CRC etc.

I change them every 3000mi, Uk roads, November to March and never punctured (there is still some life left in them when I change).

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