In loving memory of Bill Niko(Singapore)

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by Rich_W

this is just awful news... my sincere condolences...

by Weenie

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by willy

horrible news!!! bigfellow, may you rest in peace with the knowing that you certainly transmitted to us Ww a enthusiasm for life in general.

Lee, thanks for the flowers in behalf of all WW

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by peterb_bt

Lee, well done for organising the flowers so quickly :no1:
You can never have too much carbon fibre....!

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by maxxevv


you're the best ! Thanks for the flowers on everyone's behalf.

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by GonaSovereign

Thanks, Lee.

I know we'll all be thinking about Bill when we next go out for a ride.

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by LJ

Sticky's are great but can be easily missed. Could I refer you all to this Link

Thanks guys.

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by Nano

I'm reading this for the first time.

My condolences to his family and his friends.

You're a great guy Lee. :thumbup:

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by Leroni

sorry i don't have many words,


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by monkey

Extremely shocked to hear the news. I enjoyed our e-mails discussing various aspects of australian cycling and training. Your thoughts and conversations will be missed.


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by sehsuan

For those who don't know how he looks like... here's a photo I have of him from the Desaru International Long Distance Triathlon in September 2003, in Malaysia.


I met up with him once, and he came across as a very affable Greek who had perfect English. I can't remember his motorbike then, but I do believe it was silver in color. I did note however, he seemed more to participate in triathlons and running races, instead of cycling, which I got to acquaint with him.

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by Boonen

thanks for sharing

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by Ripley451

Boonen wrote:thanks for sharing

Vorsprung Durch Tortë

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by drjones96

He was indeed a big fellow.

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by LJ


Thank you.

by Weenie

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by Emmanuel

Impressive, kinda lost for other words..

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