In loving memory of Bill Niko(Singapore)

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by hamsterchick

bigfellow was one of the first to greet me via PM when I first joined WW.

Being that we both work and reside in Singapore, here was someone out of goodwill who was ready to embrace me here and remind me of that familiarity. Never had the chance to meet the person, though once in a while our paths do cross in various threads and replies.

Sorry for such a thing to have happened and never to have met the man.

My condolences and may you rest in peace bigfellow.

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by rohaimie

CAAD7R3000 wrote:Wow, this is really sad and shocking to hear of, especially as he is one of the Aussie WW family also. I too enjoyed his posts and knowledge on a vast range of subjects.

This Saturday I will also wear black socks while I am out training and I think it would be a great sign of respect if everyone on here did the same in memory of him (those of you that have good enough weather to train that is).

Rest in Peace mate

I believe Bill was a greek. :wink:

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by TS-Biker

sad to hear this, may he rest in peace and my condolances to his family :cry:
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by rohaimie

Quote from the other websites.
Good Morning All,

I think last Tuesday’s service and subsequent session at Brewerkz was indeed a fitting tribute to Bill thank you to all those who attended or sent their wishes, and for those who organized the night, spoke and prepared presentations.

Bill has now arrived in Melbourne and is with his family being prepared for his funeral which will be held at 10:30 am (730am Singapore Time) this Friday March the 17th.

Oakleigh Greek Orthodox Church

Wilesden Road, Oaklaigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I ask that you direct your thoughts, prayers and energies to his parents Kostas & Effie and his brother Nick. As Father Daniel mentioned at the service on Tuesday, to lose a friend/colleague/teammate is indeed awful but when a parent to loses a child it is tragic and heartbreaking.

Charity Donations & Flowers:

The family has asked that flowers be sent directly to the Church. If you would like to make a donation to Charity, I believe his that his brother Nick suffered from a minor form of Cerebral Palsy. Bill would have liked us to direct donations to this Charity. The details of the Cerebral Palsy Centers in Singapore and in Melbourne are below:


Box Hill Office:

830 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, 3128

Postal address:

PO Box 608, Box Hill, Victoria 3128

Telephone: +61 3 9843 3000

Facsimile: +61 3 9843 2030

Please note Scope offers an online donation and memoriam service form at:

Telephone +61 3 98433057 Kathleen if further help is required.

The Spastic Children's Association of Singapore

Cerebral Palsy Centre
65 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Singapore 519529.
Tel: (65) 6585-5600 Fax: (65) 6585-5603

Charity Regn No : 00073 :: Charity Registration Date: 22/08/1984.
Established Date : 30/12/1960 :: Constitution : Society
ROS/ RCB Reg No: 0283/1957WEL.
IPC/ Central Fund Status Effective Period : 1 Jan 2002 to 30 Sept 2007
Member of Central Fund : NCSS (Membership Reference Member: 97-023)

The following link lists other Cerebral Palsy Societies world wide.

Inaugural game of the Bill Nikolopoulos Cup

The Inaugural game of the Bill Nikolopoulos Cup will be held this Saturday March 18th at the Singapore Polo Club 1:30pm Sharp as a curtain raiser to the Ladies Gaelic Football Allstars match. Before the game there will be a minutes silence and a linking of arms around the pitch. The Bill Nikolopoulos cup is game of International Rules Football between the Singapore Gaelic Lions and the Sinagpore Wombats. International Rules Football is blend of Gaelic Football and Australian Rules Football.

This email has gone to the Singapore Wombats, Las Wolves Soccer Team, Lions Soccer Team and the Singapore Gaelic Lions. Please forward this email or sms to all those who knew this great man.


Neil Steffensen
italian bikes rules!

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by LJ

Thanks for the update Roy. Have we any weight weenies in Melbourne that can arrange a fitting floral tribute from all weight weenies to be sent to the church? I will transfer the required funds to your relevant bank account. I guess we have to be quick with this.

Which web site is this information being posted to?

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by KB

Lee - I'll pay towards it as well. See my PM

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by LJ

Forget my previous post, I have just phoned Australia and got some flowers organised from these guys.... Got the guy out of bed but its worth it.

I didnt have much time to think of a message, but thought the words of Juanmoretime were appropriate...

"Bill, may a strong tailwind be behind you for the rest of eternity, from your weight weenie friends across the world"

I hope this is ok with everybody.

Rest in peace Bill.

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by KB

Juan - well done with the words. Lee - as usual you're a star. See my next PM.

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by Boonen

Lee, that's wonderfull!

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by mrowkoob

Nice one LJ!

This is sad, Bigfellow was one of those who always posted in a cheerful manner. Tailwind indeed.
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by HXTi

Classy as ever LJ. I know cyclingforums lost a member earlier. Its terrible we lost one here at WW. I never knew BF but from the comments here it shows what a contributor he was. RIP BF.

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@ Lee

Please let me know how I may contribute to the cost of the flowers. Again you have proven what a classy individual you are.

In further commemoration, I was thinking we could have the mods place Bill's initials as a permanent fixture at the top right corner of the site.


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by Ripley451

@ =4cranks

I like the poem
Vorsprung Durch Tortë

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by Cyco

Unfortunatly I have not visited this site in over a week, and had missed this till now.

This is very saddening, and having never met Bill personally I would have travelled to the rememberance service if I had known about it earlier, to support his family in any way possible, just as he helped many of us here either online, or on the phone.

Best wishes to his family in this difficult time.
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by Emmanuel

:( . Though i didn't really know him, the way all of you talk about him: he must have been a great guy. May all his relatives and friends find the strength needed to carry such a loss.

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