In loving memory of Bill Niko(Singapore)

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by RTW

I too have been extremely saddened by Bill's passing. May he rest in peace. I will wear a black arm band this weekend when riding, and perhaps the road forum could have a day's silence on Saturday by effectively locking the whole thing or replacing the WW forum with a message of condolence from us all.

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by mises

Nothing can change the finality of it all so I really don't know what to say. All of us who ride the roads know it could happen to us at any time but it's tragic that it ever does. Best wishes to all his friends and family, and a reminder to all of us that time is always precious and short.

by Weenie

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by toko

Descanse em paz meu amigo!

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by bike_add1ct

Extremely tragic news... I'm shocked.

My thoughts and condolences go out this friends, family & everyone he loved.

Ride on mate.

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by peterb_bt

I don't know what to say, it makes it seems a bit closer to home when it's a WW. My condolences to his family and friends

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by Ducati2

I didn't know Bill but just took some time to read a large number of his posts. Talk about a guy that sounds like someone you would like to have a beer with....positive, upbeat, and knowledgeble. I am also a careful out there.

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by brianwchan

Wow, this is terrible. Rest in peace, bigfellow. :(

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by C a s r a n

This is very sad news... a message you never want to see appearing.

I read this topic yesterday and it was in my mind during the whole training. I can remember a lot of his contributions to this forum, always with enthousiasm, helping others and being frank when bringing his opinion. He was so delighted with LJs gesture of the signed armwarmer.

He was the kind of guy that cheers up a board and makes internet conversations so worthwhile.

Bill, you'll be missed here! :cry:

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by jimmer23

Wow, this is just really really bad. Absolutely stunning when something like this happens and how you can grow to really enjoy someone over a medium such as this. I always enjoyed his comments, especially on the "melted" Pinarello fork look. :cry:

Are there any kind of memorial plans for the bigfellow?

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by climbingcue

Very sad news, I have read many of his posts in the past...

Rest in Peace...

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by pkent

Rest in peace...

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by flying

LJ wrote:Is there anyone that can help with a floral tribute from all of us at his funeral?

Very sad to hear when someone so nice is taken from us so young.
Please include me in the floral tribute if it can be organized. I think it would be a nice gesture.

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by CAAD7R3000

Wow, this is really sad and shocking to hear of, especially as he is one of the Aussie WW family also. I too enjoyed his posts and knowledge on a vast range of subjects.

This Saturday I will also wear black socks while I am out training and I think it would be a great sign of respect if everyone on here did the same in memory of him (those of you that have good enough weather to train that is).

Rest in Peace mate

el condor
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by el condor

Very sad to hear that.Me too I have read lots of his threads-it's hard to believe what happened... .
Condoleances to his family and may his spirit be remebered and rise in peace.

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by =4cranks

A poem in rememberance of Bill Niko

Bigfellow we'll miss you, we must say goodbye
So shocking to lose, in the blink of an eye
Your postings to us, we men of the thigh
No more to read, our eyes are not dry
You've pedaled up, up, the ultimate climb
Peace be with you on the road in the sky
Equality for Cranks.

by Weenie

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