In loving memory of Bill Niko(Singapore)

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by Herbert

Very, very sad indeed. He and his family are in my thoughts.



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by Mr.Gib

A tear for Big Fellow and his loved ones.

I had a great exchange with him in the training forum as I believe he was some sort of therapist - physio? I will miss his presence - what a terrible shame.

May I ask how old he was?

:cry: :cry: :cry:

by Weenie

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by CaptainWilier

My thoughts and prayers are also with him and his loved one's.

Does anyone have any pics of him, cycling, motorcycling, family, or any of his passions?

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by rohaimie

I think this some of his pictures from what i gather.Taken in 2003... ... 03/385.htm
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by Ripley451

Sadly no more chats about climbing (rock not hills). Thoughts are with his family and friends.
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by LJ

Is there anyone that can help with a floral tribute from all of us at his funeral?

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by drjones96

:shock: This is indeed shocking news. I have no words...none.

edit: Today I spent some time going through some of bigfellow's posts. I wanted to find some conversations I may have had with him. His final posts were on a thread where we were discussing dimples in zipp rims and golf ball aerodynamics. He said it was all a bunch of zipp marketing hype. He was probably right. He was always shot it to you straight as he saw it. You've got to respect that right or wrong.

He was always one for humor on the forum. I remembered a while back when I made a pretty lame joke about something. "the Repeater" was having issues with quadruple posts. I replied and asked if that was why he was called "the Repeater". Bill replied with "that is absolutely's all about timing!" :lol:

He also always had words of encouragement for others learning the sport like myself. He always had advice for training and was willing to share his experience with others. Heck, he was riding seriously when I was only 11 years old and probably putting around on a BMX.

I feel aweful. A relatively young man like himself struck down in his prime. I just don't get it. :( I just wish his lady and his family well. It's got to be a tough loss.

We'll miss you Bill (bigfellow) Niko :!:
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by ras11

This is very sad. Rest in peace Bill. Your passion for bikes will live on through us.
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by zakeen

I cant day your chatting(via WW) and the next day........this.

I really enjoyed his posts.

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by Luc

He'll keep on riding in our minds...

Rest in peace, Big Fellow...

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by FelixOr

I thought about this the whole day...... and just cant get it out of my head. The thing that really hits me like a punch in the face, is that it happened when he did something he seemed to love: riding his motorcycle. It is very, very sad if somebody who enjoyed life like Bill did, dies so unexpected. My thoughts are with his family, and his close friends.

Something like Lee suggested would be a very nice gesture.

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by Kuiper

He and his family are in my thoughts.

It's hard to read
After 10minutes having tears in my eye's. I'm able to Reply.

Very saddened, to hear, most guys will have a indelible memory about him on how he was on the forums and in real life.

May he rest in Peace.

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This is unbelievable... I just don't know what to say... my heart goes out to his friends and family. I never met Bill, but I feel like I (we) have lost a great friend... I just can't put words to it...

For some reason, I was always drawn to what Bill had to say... I clearly recall our last correspondance...


Absolute magic mate, that's what I was trying to track down

Will send him an e-mail

thanks!!! 8)

No problem Big Fellow... :thumbup:

You will not ever be forgoten Bill.

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by Stoeperd

I'm reading this with disbelieve. He was a great guy.

The questions running thought my head, why he? why know? It could be me.

A tear rolls down when reading LJ's post with that picture.

Rest in peace.

The bike isn't the problem

by Weenie

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by nikh

Very, very sad news. One of our own.

Best wishes to his family and friends.

If someone is organising flowers I'm in.

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