Condor Leggero - Any Reviews?

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by peacefulloflove

Hey Everyone!

I'm considering buying a Condor Leggero in the ]Brooks 150th Anniversary special paint job, which I think is gorgeous ( ... es-project). This would be more aero road bike. It looks like the frame is built by Sarto in Italy, but I haven't been able to find many reviews; the ones I did find gave it four out of five stars.

Does anyone have any experience riding Condor bikes? Any thoughts on their quality, durability, feel, stiffness, etc.?

One nice thing is that they said they can build it for me with a threaded BB, which is nice because I HATE press fit BBs!



by Weenie

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by DJT21

Great quality, durability and customer service. Their frames are raced to a high level. I'd personally go for a Super Acciaio with a custom paint job. Steel is real ;-)


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by CrossRob

Several friends have them and love them. I had one on loan for a while and found it quick, comfortable and very easy to position on downhills.

I have the steel Super Acciaio and although it's a fair bit heavier than the Leggero, I find it handles as well, and the power transfer makes up for the extra weight on the hills.

The paintwork is durable - I have no marks on mine after a couple of years - and looks great. I went for custom paint, but the standard options are good too.

The number of Condors you see under commuters and couriers in London suggests they're built to last.

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by peacefulloflove

Thank you for the feedback! I'm especially glad to hear that the paintwork is durable. One of the most attractive features of this frame is the special paint job, but I've definitely seen bikes with pretty paint that starts peeling as soon as you look at it!

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by XCProMD

If the frame is a Sarto it can only be fantastic. Difficult to find something that's better made

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by greentimgreen

I've had two Condor Leggeros in the past - one was Ed Clancy's old team bike. They are fantastic bikes; slightly heavier than most top end frames these days, but I think a lot of that is in the paint, which is beautiful. The Brooks 150 anniversary paint is probably my favourite ever paint job- but I'd be afraid to ride it!
Having had a few Condors now, both carbon and steel, I can vouch for their quality, ride feel, and stiffness. Were it not for their standard geometry being a bad fit for me, I would still have my 2010 Rapha Condor team bike with Dura Ace 7800 - it was the one that got away and I still regret it every time I see a picture of it!

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by peacefulloflove

Wow, that is so great to hear. Yea, the paint job on that bike is stunning, and well worth the extra 300 or so grams in my opinion.

Thank you so much for the feedback. It really sounds like Condor makes great bikes that are high-quality :)

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by racingcondor

I've had 5 several (currently an old Leggero and a new Super Acciaio). My Leggero is about 8 years old and whenever I ride anything else I'm still happy when I get back on it. Partly that's familiarity but it is a very smooth ride, great balance between stiffness and comfort and I've got it down to 7kg.

The quality in the frame is from Condor having kept control of the process for all their high end frames (Leggero and most if not all of the steel). I'm not sure if the process is the same for the aero frame but the round tubes frames are all hand built, tube to tube construction and, while that's not the lightest way to build a frame the results have always been great.

The new aero one is very tempting for me and the Brooks paint scheme is stunning.

by Weenie

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