NEW BMC TT/Tri bike

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by Tillquist

See all my bike h e r e

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by Miller

That seatpost moved forward is awkward. Purely a tri machine?

by Weenie

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by endershan

Beautiful, but I don't think current TM01 is anything worse than that.

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by spdntrxi

too speed max/concept for me.. bet the post has another place to go back (for UCI) front end looks cleaner them TM01, but I like my TM01

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by TurboKoo

If you remove the storage post I don't see possibility to move seat post any further back.
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by wingguy

It's just got a massive sliding rail on top of the post. Easily UCI legal for positon.

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by trimenc

I would love to see more info on this bike, does anyone know where to find out the details?

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by deek

Miller wrote:That seatpost moved forward is awkward. Purely a tri machine?

I don't think the seat post is actually that far forward. The seat tube is further back than normal which makes it look like the seat post is forward.

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by zzmkdw

Here is a youtube video on the bike:

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by spdntrxi

The Di2 TM01 with 404/808 NSW @ 8500 is a bargain actually. (probably a typo)

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by MetaCarbon

I think there needs to be a separate discussion dedicated for all of the new tech that seems to be coming along for TT/Tri bikes. TT and Tri bikes are no longer the black sheep of the road bike family.

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by junchen

Yes! A dedicated tt tri subsection pls!

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by Weenie

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