New Cervelo Tri Bike: P5X?

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by oldnslow2

Wouldn't a 1X chainring be more aero?

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by endershan

wingguy wrote:
endershan wrote:Is that a mechanical-hydro caliper? Not so aero to me....

SRAM don't have a hydraulics TT brake lever yet, do they? Shimano do (or will once they've actually made enough to start selling) and it woud at least look better with some proper flat mount calipers on there.

I agree, I saw somewhere on bikerumor that TRP already has a hydraulic TT brake prototype. IMO even a pure mechanical flat mount brake is much better that this hybrid approach.

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by Weenie

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by Shrike

Where did that pic come from. Any word on this is actually coming to market?

I know you guy have the daggers out for it, but I'd take up TTing just to have an excuse to get one. :D

Spotted this on Google images. Could happily covet it too.


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by mythical

“I always find it amazing that a material can actually sell a product when it’s really the engineering that creates and dictates how well that material will behave or perform.” — Chuck Teixeira
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by Nefarious86

I dont get the hybrid brakes. Either use TRP spyre cable calipers that are reliable and have a tiny footprint or use the magura hydro base bar levers with a hydro calliper.....
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by dynaserve

Where is the aero data?

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by caddis

I doubt you will see any data you could compare with current tt-bike category. Cervelo seems to have opted extreme integration so you can cover all IM stuff with you. If you look at tri-fokes bikes they are so messy with bottles and boxes all over the plase. Sans the data with "just the bike" is useless...

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by Nefarious86

Tri tards, super aero rig with shit taped and strapped to it everywhere and ill fitting arm/leg covers. Always "interesting" to look at
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by Shrike

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by Stolichnaya

McGilli wrote:On the photo of it in the office - why are the valve stems like 15cm long?

What is even more humorous is that those valve extensions seem to be the Silca model with the rubber bumper that reduces noise, except the wrong length valve extension was chosen making the rubber bumper useless.

And Calnago, that short retort of "You don't" was perfect. Haha!

" Oh Cervelo, you so cray cray! "

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by Voye

Disc brake aside.....are we that far off? That one has been around for a while.... ... ct#falco_v

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by latsride

This is the ugliest production bike I've ever laid eyes on. Why, Cervelo?

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by scottmmw


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by glam2deaf

I don't get the hate. It's a tri bike, most of them look obscene to begin with, and once you tape 30 gels to the top tube there is no coming back. Kudos to Cervelo for going wild on design. Will be interesting to see how aero it is, but I can't imagine them releasing something that isn't at the top end of the range.

Disc brakes don't really make sense for a tri bike, but it's the way everything is going, better to jump in early rather than have to release a revision a couple of years down the line.

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by Kayrehn

I actually like it but the disc brakes are just ridiculous. Many people don't even think disc brakes are necessary for a road bike, and they are totally overkill for a triathlon course. Heavier, more expensive, and limits your wheel choice.

by Weenie

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