Change my Scott Foil 10 to Giant Propel Advanced SL1 ?

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by bleko

Hello All,

I'd like to know your opinion.

I bought a Scott Foil 10 in July with DI2 group at a great price. ... oil-10-eu/

I just got an offer on a Giant Propel Advanced SL1 for 700 euro + of the price that someone is willing to buy my Scott for. ... 721/76088/

I have no experience with the propel and can't try it before purchase. I have great deal which makes the Giant 700 euro more expensive than the Scott.

i will be able to get the Giant with Zipp wheel which are more than 1000 euro... On top of it the frame seems to be better finished on the Giant with better Aero.

I will however not get anymore the DI2 which is on my scott but that doesn't bother me as the Giant seems to be 500 grams lighter.

Do you think it's worth to change for this reason ? I never rode a Propel this is why i am asking.

Thx for your advice !

by Weenie

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by pressed001

I would jump on it. That Propel is sexy as all get-up. I think you would be upgrading by quite a lot.

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by peted76

I think the propel is a upgrade in spec, frame and wheels and it's lighter!

What are you on here for, go get it quick!

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by scottmmw


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by davetung

Propel. No brainer

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