Looking At Enve 3.4's - Hub Question

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by McGilli

Multebear wrote:If you ride more than 20k km's a year, you definitely want the most reliable hubs of the lot. Madcow mentions DT240, King R45 and White T11 as the three go to hubs. Out of those three, I'd say the Whites are most durable, because of the titanium freehub body, which unlike the others won't get chewed up by cassettes.

Yeah - as the days go by - I think I just need to play it safe. I scoured this site - and all the talk about how to maintain many of the boutique hubs is exactly what I do not want. I just need a hub that works, and really simple preload adjustment.

I'm going to stick with DT or CK I think. Mainly because with a set of those - I'll at least drop 200g off my current 303's, and this is WW!

Thanks everyone for the input!
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