Shimano 5800/6800/9000 crankset with a Sram 10S setup

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by LouisN

I'm trying to find different options for crankset compatibilities between both the road and TT bike.

One of them would be to get a 6800 crankset, but really not shure about shifting quality with my 10S Sram setup.

I'm shure it's been discussed before, but I'd like to know if someone has this setup ( Shimano 11S crankset with Sram 10S drivetrain).

Thanks :beerchug:

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by weeshuggy

Im currently running a 6800 crankset with 10s shimano, now I know its not sram but I figure sram and shim and pretty cross compatible so its atleast relevant.
With my setup Im currently running 6800 34x50 chainrings and a 10s KMC EL and 6700 cassette and have no real issues. Everything shifts fine and runs quiet. The only thing is Im not convinced the chain doesnt wear marginally quicker but as Ive not tested anything I cant say with any certainty.

Been running this for the last 2 seasons.

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by kulivontot

Works fine, I've run 6600, 6700, 5800 on sram red 10 spd. Honestly can't tell the difference.

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by ab01ns

Should work, no issues
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by saverin

I've been running a mix of Shimano FC5800/6800/9000/R9100 cranksets with a SRAM 10s chain on a SRAM 10s cassette for 2 years with no adverse affect on shifting performance. Given that Shimano has some of the most engineered chainrings when it comes to shift ramps and pins, there should be no issue at all.

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