Weight difference between F8 and F8 Disk....

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by dadoflam08

Why would you compare them to preceding Pinarellos - why not other 2016 offerings from other brands.

The F8 is probably an improvement over preceding carbon Dogmas - you would hope so after so many years to refine them, including to react to criticism from Sky team riders that they were too heavy. I am scratching my memory banks here but I recall the carbon Dogma Mk 1 frame weighed more than my Ti bike - about 1400g - and that the total frameset with seatpost was over 2000g. So yes it is probably better than previous models by way of being a bit lighter

Pinarello has some brilliant bikes in its history and I have a soft spot for the brand - I own a 1986 Pinarello Team bike - a modified Montello - ridden in the Giro and made under Giovanni's oversight. IMO is a pity that Fausto's dad is not still doing the designing rather than seemingly the graphics and marketing departments.
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