Chainstay direct mount brake experiences?

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by Hubert

Thanks Hubert. I've been racing on a F1x di2 this cross season and just ordered a Decree FRD yesterday so really loving what Felt has building as of late.

Any idea of weight difference between the FR1 rim vs disc?

Also- my LBS is telling me Jan 7 for leadtime for the disc..which is unfortunately halfway thru winter. I just realized your role within Felt, so hopefully you can shed some light on the accuracy of this statement?

Thanks- and looking forward to my next Felt!

Thank you for the support!

Weight difference between the disc and rim should seems to be a 1lbs, but could vary. My rim frame and disc frames are not an apples-to-apples comparison given lay-up and material difference, but my disc bike is about 1lbs. heavier (both have power meters and alloy bar, stem, and seat post but the disc bike has deeper wheels).

Regardless of the date - I would HIGHLY suggest you wait for the disc version. It'll be worth it and your LBS can help you track timing.
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by Nefarious86

That's another consideration too. My training bike has 40mm carbon clinchers on it full time because its disc so it has to be faster... Right? Haha.
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by colster

Chainstay mounted brakes do offer a marginal aerodynamic gain, so are great on TT bikes, but for road bikes they may create an additional issue regarding brake rub.

The issue relates to the way a wheel flexes - apparently spoked bicycle wheels flex kinda like a Pringle, that is to say lateral flex is greatest at the point that is 90° from the ground than the point at the top point that is 180° from the ground i.e. flex is greater at the chainstay than at the seat stay, therefore a chainstay mounted brake may be more prone to brake rub, and so may have to be set up wider. This issue would not really affect a rider who chooses a rear disc wheel, again making it wholly appropriate for TT bikes.

FYI the above factoid was gleamed from listening to episode 67 of The Bike Shop Show podcast in which he breaks down all the issues affecting wheel stiffness, and he states the above wheel flex point was learned from seperate tests conducted by Zipp and Damon Rinard. I should also add I haven't personally owned or ridden a road bike with chainstay mounted brakes (and have no intention to) so cannot speak from experience, only theory.

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by njyeti

Thanks all for the feedback. I'm now definitely waiting for the Disc model to be released.

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