Do you ride with light? Any recommendation?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by stockae92

Any of you ride with light (even during the day) to increase visibility by others?

I am thinking about getting a pair for the front and back, preferably USB rechargeable (Li Ion battery), small, light, easy to take off and put on another bike, weight weenie style. :D

Not looking for something to light up the trail for night riding or anything, just something that says "I am riding here, give me my space" :)

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by nickf

I always run lights. Got hit once so I take any and all precautions. Light in Motion. I run a urban 800 front and the super bright VIS 180 rear light. Fantastic warranty, assembled in the US. Been running them a couple years full time and both have been fantastic.

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by RyanH

For commuting and solo training rides, I like this: ... UTF8&psc=1

It's light, easy to take on and off and stash in a jersey pocket. Battery life is pretty good too.

For group rides at night where your light is competing against others, I like the Magicshine light. It's more cumbersome to put on and weighs probably 1.5lbs but it's super bright and battery lasts a long time.
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by sawyer

I'm a big believer in lights in poor light conditions, but does using a light in good light conditions actually make any difference?
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by cjc

light is important. absolutely night time and afternoon too.
especially visibility to Car driver. strobe mode is good!

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by Multebear

stockae92 wrote:
Not looking for something to light up the trail for night riding or anything, just something that says "I am riding here, give me my space" :)

Seriously, if you are riding at night, then you are not racing, you're training, and then you really don't need something light. Safety trumps lightweight any day, which means big powerful lights. ... 755992ca14

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by ronderman

Yea, I ride with a rear one and soon a front one. I've been through a lot of lights, a ton, trust me when I tell you that there is one light that stands alone above all others. Dinotte. Fantastic light that can be seen like no other, but thankfully just as good customer service. Great, great company and they are well deserving of your hard-earned money.

Trust me - all others can't compare. I use it during the day all the time, but when it starts to get dark and this light is going car drivers change their behavior from a long, long way away. I've tried probably a dozen lights and this is the only one that driver's change their behavior. Also - group rides - feel free to be like "hey all, my light is like really bright - so I'm gonna go to the back and stay there." ... -p111.aspx

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by kac

I always ride with front/rear lights. It's for the same reasons cars/trucks run daylight safety lights: enhanced visibility. A bright, flashing light attracts the sort of attention that a rider may not. A light helps you stand out from your surroundings. Plus, people are "conditioned" to react to flashing red lights as a warning or danger signal.

I'm using Lezyne Micro lights. They're rechargeable, well-machined and very bright. On the other hand, battery life isn't too good, even on the energy-saver mode: ~2 hours. Warranty coverage by the company is excellent.


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by DeeHubbs

I always put a red one on the rear. I have been using a KNOG. Long battery life, USB chargeable, easy on easy off.

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by JohnnyHanel

i use the garmin varia lights. (not the car alert system lights) the headlight and the taillight combo. look them up if you use a garmin head unit! i couldn't recommend them more.

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by Rick

For daytime/dusk riding, the Blackburn Voyager and Mars make a nice, lightweight, flashing LED combo: ... mbo-1.html

For real light in darkness riding, I sue the the Cateye VOLT 1200 in front and Volt 50 in rear. ... 60RC-REAR/

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by MoreRideTime

I always use a rear light - the Flare R from Bontrager. It is small, USB rechargeable, has 4 different modes. In day mode it is very bright and can be seen for almost 2km.

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by perwjensen

I use both front and rear facing g lights. My favorite is Bontrager Flare R, they have several modes to be seen or to see.

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by rickytek

Hi! My friend bought Garmin varia post light... The car alert tool is fantastic and improve his safety! Battery life is about six hours, day led visibility is great!!! I use front light only when I do night ride! Bit I'm thinking to buy Garmin varia as soon as possible!

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by alistaird

DeeHubbs wrote:I always put a red one on the rear. I have been using a KNOG. Long battery life, USB chargeable, easy on easy off.

I use similar - Knog Frogs but non rechargeable, they take 2 x 2032 batteries. They're no good for the dark but when it's dull they are great.



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