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by jeroenDG

I have been a longtime lurker (probably a decade) but I need some of the collective wisdom gathered here so I decided to come out of hiding.

I have set my thoughts on buying a power meter but I seem unable to make the final decision. At this point the possible candidates are:
- Quarq Sram Red
- Quarq Elsa
- Rotor 2Inpower

To be honest, I am unsure of what the impact would be of going the Quarq Sram Red route. Firstly, Is it problematic that I don not have a YAW front derailleur? Secondly, would this impact my choice of chainrings? What about oval chainrings when going with any of the Quarq power meters?

The fact that I have not seen any review of the Rotor 2Inpower also makes me bit nervous but I like the fact that it looks so clean and that it is true double sided power.

To give you an idea about the bike it is for:

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

P2M spider for your chainset?
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by jeroenDG

I considered going the P2M way but installing it myself seems daunting to say the least. Quarq, Rotor and Stages are the options provided to me by my local bike shop.

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by helldiver

Installing P2M spider is super-easy, really nothing to be afraid of.

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by otoman

I'd second that -- I've installed and uninstalled the spider a few times on a Lightning crank, similar basic design to the Specialized crank. All I used was a set of long channel lock pliers and the installation tool that comes with the P2M. A bench vise will make it easier but not 100% necessary.

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by jeffy

P2M install to crrent chainset. easy and super reliable. maybe waut until after Eurobike / Interbike where they will likely announce new model (and you'll have the option of getting the old model cheaper)

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by Dez33

P2M for sure with the crankset you already have.

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by jeffy

.... and i am sure you bike shop will install it for a reasonable about charge.

P2Ms are really great.

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by Stalkan

Quarq also makes a spider for Spec cranks.....

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by topflightpro

My wife has the Specialized branded Quarq on her Spec. cranks. Works great. As far as the install goes, you do need a rather pricey tool to put the spider on Spec. cranks, and IIRC, Specialized only sells it to dealers. If P2M comes with an install tool, that would solve that problem. Swapping spiders really isn't that difficult.

Another option would be a used SRM. There was a guy selling to Specialized SRMs in the WW classifieds.

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by Briscoelab

Quarq spider for your existing crankset. If they are a specialized shop, they can order one for you. But, it's VERY easy to do on your own. You can buy the lockring tool on ebay cheaply.

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