Venge Vias Disk is here....

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by mile2424

With the 2017 dealer events going on, pics are starting to surface....


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by dereksmalls

Who ever is building these bikes for display, needs to build them without the ton of spacers under the stem. They look shit with them

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by arizonahalfnhalf

Good god, I didn't think it could get any worse...

Ultra massive hydro shifters/brake levers is all it needed.

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by Kurets

When you thought the Vias couldn't get any uglier.

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by Calnago

Aero meets discs, they really did it... talk about an identity crisis. I'm aero! But wait, I have disc brakes, and they're not aero. Look away, I'm hideous... Still.
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by Kayrehn

Amazing how so many like the tarmac but hate the venge. Totally valid sentiments though.

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by Oswald

Ugliest bike I've ever seen.

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by kkibbler

Get rid of the spacers and the gullwing bars and...I like it. :oops: :P

More than anything else I disliked the V-brakes on the original. Hydro solves the friction from tight cable routing and discs, whether or not they're necessary, are an improvement over V-brakes in my view.

Wonder what they've done with chainline/dropout width/chainstay length to make discs work.

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by han1337

.. want to know the weight.

The old one was like 8,1 kg, imagine the weight of the disc version.

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by mrlobber

If not for the hideous steering interface, it actually doesn't look that bad, especially in white/black.

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by Stolichnaya

Can't seem to shake the taste of bile in my throat...

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by goodboyr

Boat anchor...

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by kgt

Aero frame with disc brakes. Ok...
I am sure that they will 'prove' that this is actually even faster because with disc brakes you break later, maintain higher speeds for longer etc. etc. so you will end up gaining 2min over a 80km course.

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by MattSoutherden

Love the hashtags. #unmissile - wut? #areo - que?
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by chris47

found some dealer pictures here:

they are absolutely gross

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